All the President’s Been

New Yorker editor David Remnick bridges the gaps in the president’s life story with his definitive biography The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama.

05/14/2010 By Eric Scigliano


Brother, Can You Spare a Joke?

Garrison Keillor, during a live broadcast at the Paramount Theatre of his public radio program A Prairie Home Companion, April 3, 2010.


Passing Through

Saffron Revolutionary

The Venerable U Pyinya Zawta sips tea and looks toward better times in Burma.

03/18/2010 By Eric Scigliano


Checked Out

Seattle Public Library closed for a week this summer. Here’s why you should give a shhhh.



The Not-So-Final Frontier

An interview with science-fiction writer Vonda N. McIntyre, whose 1986 novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, provided the backstory to the new movie Star Trek.


True Crime

Last Comic Landing

D. B. Cooper, Seattle’s most famous criminal, may have taken his cues from an obscure French comic book: Dan Cooper, about a Canadian Air Force test pilot.



Reading Music

Author Michael Cunningham shares the melody of The Hours and his other novels.

03/19/2009 By Steve Wiecking


The Big Boom Theory

A new book unearths the roots of Northwest rock.

03/18/2009 By Steve Wiecking


Tom Robbins Gets the Blues

…at the imminent demise of the morning P-I.

02/11/2009 By Eric Scigliano


Poet of the Port Town

Just before ”Howl” made him famous, Allen Ginsberg savored old Seattle’s seaport rot.

01/06/2009 By Ryan Boudinot


An Open Letter to Minneapolis

Seattle named second most literate city. But don’t get too comfortable, No. 1.



Regarding Tess

When Tess Gallagher, the widow of acclaimed Northwest writer Raymond Carver, planned to publish early drafts of her late husband’s beloved short stories, the outcry from the New York publishing establishment was loud and rancorous. What was she thinking?

01/03/2009 By Claire Dederer


Biblio File

Now that you’re older and wiser, hitting the books is actually fun.

12/18/2008 By Ben Schock


A Man of Air and Shadows

Michael Gruber, Seattle’s secret best-selling novelist, seemed to be living the writer’s dream. And then he tried to put his name on the books he wrote, and everything changed. The dark tales he’d carried inside for three decades started to come out....

08/01/2007 By Jim Gullo