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What to Stream in Seattle May 22–28

SIFF and Folklife have online cognates, while KUOW holds a virtual talk about fake news.

By Sam Luikens May 22, 2020

Fri, May 7–Jun 7
SIFF Retrospective 2020

The Seattle International Film Festival was supposed to kick off its 46th celebration May 7. Remember going to the movies? While the festival in its traditional form has been canceled, SIFF hasn’t given up on moviegoers. The organization has partnered with Telescope Film (a US resource for international film) to bring you SIFF Retrospective 2020. This remote-access microsite is a launchpad for watching all the films available online that have received SIFF awards in the past 45 years. Whether it won the Golden Space Needle award or the New Directors Competition, stream away.

Sat, May 23–25
From Home to Home: Northwest Folklife Festival

No line of promo copy will convince anyone that participating in this Seattle event mainstay through their computer screen is better than the real thing. You can’t walk through Seattle Center soaking in the collective cacophony on a laptop. But somehow, the show must go on. So this year, Northwest Folklife brings the music, local culturalists, and vendors to an online platform where viewers can livestream music and dance workshops, watch prerecorded performances, congregate in remote panel discussions, and support local merchants through a virtual marketplace.

Sun, May 24
Compline Choir

If your eyes need a break and your ears need a treat, tune in to ethereal choir voices resonating from Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. A Sunday evening tradition for many in Seattle since 1956, the meditative choir music might slap different in the time of quarantine. Tune in on Classical 98.1 KING-FM or livestream at the link above. 9:30pm

Mon, May 25
Fifty Rogue’s Tales Translated Fifty Ways

As part of its In the Moment podcast, Town Hall Seattle hosts a virtual conversation with Arabic language and literature scholar Michael Cooperson as he breaks down the complexities of the Arabic language through fifty registers of English (who knew there were fifty?). Other linguistically linked topics sure to key into the conversation are tongue twisters and medieval wordplay. Who knows, maybe THS correspondent Shin Yu Pai will even press her guest on time travel as a literary device. After all, it’s listed as one of Cooperson’s fields of study. 1pm

Mon, May 25
Memorial Day Special Presentation

Seattle’s Museum of Flight will host a virtual Memorial Day presentation to highlight the story of Air Force Captain Benjamin Franklin Danielson. His son, Naval Aviator Lieutenant Commander Brian Danielson, will recount the dramatic details of Boxer-22, a rescue mission launched after his father was shot down and lost in action during the Vietnam War. The event is free, but registration is required. 6:30pm

Tue, May 26
Stand With the Facts

Is your uncle oversharing the widely debunked conspiracy video “Plandemic” on his social media pages in an effort to get out the “truth” about Covid-19? Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one. Join KUOW and the Center for an Informed Public for a live (virtual) discussion about how fake news stories gain traction and circulate through the public, like, well, a virus. The discussion will cover media consumption and offer tips on how to spot false information. As washing your hands and wearing a face covering in public can hinder the spread of a physical virus, critical thinking should limit the reach of the misinformation virus. 1pm

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