It's tough to say which team will come out on top.

► “"People like winners. They like teams that are contending. There’s a certain excitement to that that transcends the sport…. The Mariners are vulnerable right now because they sort of lost the benefit of the doubt from the fans.” Larry Stone, sports columnist, The Seattle Times

► “After winning the MLS cup, there should be more excitement this year with almost all [the Sounders] players coming back…. [Soccer] is more of an event-driven thing as well. A lot of people don’t go to bars to watch baseball games.” Mike Morris, owner, Fuel Sports Eats and Beats

► “One of the most important things [both teams] are doing is helping make sure that kids in our community have opportunities to be physically active and have access to sports…. My son grew up watching Félix [Hernández] and became a baseball player because of Félix.” Julie McCleery, director of research- practice partnerships, University of Washington Center for Leadership in Athletics

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