Adia Victoria plays Barboza on Tuesday.

Mon, March 11
Matthew Jackson: The Human Network
Stanford professor Matthew Jackson has studied social and economic networks for over 25 years. In The Human Network, he goes beyond facts and figures, analyzing the cultural and socioeconomic systems that shape our worldview, power, and mobility within society. University Book Store, Free

Tue, March 12
Adia Victoria and Dick Stusso
Adia Victoria describes the process of creating her second studio album Silences as “therapy.” Named after Tillie Olsen’s book of the same name—which analyzes a slew of oppressed, silenced writers and creative voices—Victoria’s album un-silences her past, and by extension, herself. Her particular brand of bewitching gothic blues is wrought with strings, swing-beat drum solos, and fiercely defiant vocals. Oakland-based Dick Stusso brings true Americana blues, finished with slow guitar riffs and plenty of smooth Nashville twang. Barboza, $13

Wed, March 13
Helen Oyeyemi: Gingerbread

Oyeyemi has a penchant for warping and twisting age-old fairy tales into something modern and entirely unsettling. Boy, Snow, Bird in 2014 reimagined Snow White in 1950s New England. Her latest venture toys with "Hansel and Gretel," but instead of two children at the mercy of a hungry witch, the novel follows a distant mother as she shares her dark origins with her teenage daughter. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

March 13–17
Skeleton Flower 
Drawing inspiration from various Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales like “The Red Shoes” and “The Wild Swans,” Skeleton Flower serves as a performative sort of autobiography for Degenerate Art Ensemble’s artistic director, Haruko Crow Nishimura. Growing up, Nishimura struggled with her mother's arranged marriage, trauma, and mental illness, and turned to storytelling and art as antidotes. While she may not have been threatened by a wicked queen or condemned to wear relentless red dancing shoes, Nishimura can relate to the female heroines in these tales who turned to their own devices and creativity in order to overcome obstacles. The multi-disciplinary performance—which has already played at the Spotlight USA Festival in Bulgaria—is a tribute to the healing powers of art and performance. Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, $25