Culture Fix

Weekend What to Do March 1–3

Indie-pop siblings, the true cost of "fast fashion," and bingo at a brewery.

By Gwen Hughes March 1, 2019

The Bailen siblings play Barboza Saturday night.

Fri, Mar 1
Meaningful Movies: True Cost
The true cost of “fast fashion” isn’t cheap. Rather, according to Andrew Morgan’s 2015 documentary, it's paid across oceans and continents by factory employees treated inhumanely, many of them injured and desperate. This film takes a closer look at garments' plummeting cost. Interviews with icons like Stella McCartney and activists Livia Firth and Vandana Shiva shed light on the horrible conditions of workers across the world, as well as the environmental impacts of the industry. Keystone Congregational Church, Free

Sat, Mar 2
BE LOUD Bingo 2019
Nonprofit team Planet Excellent hosts this family-friendly bingo night to raise money for King County Sexual Assault Research Center. Comedian Alyssa Yeoman will act as bingo caller. Buy as many cards as you want for a buck. Prizes from Woodland Park Zoo, Museum of Pop Culture, and Seattle Shakespeare Company are up for grabs. Or for the food lover, gift certificates to Pagliacci, Bakery Nouveau, and Ivar’s. Bingo winners will go home with prizes, and raffle winners will be called between rounds. Machine House Brewery, Free

Sat, Mar 2

The three Bailen siblings, raised by classically-trained parents (who met at Yale music school), boast twining harmonies that might bring to mind choir kids, but they find a fine rejoinder in their backing music. Think indie pop that struts gently. Barboza, $10

Sun, Mar 3
Summit Speaker Series: David Stem
It’s rare that a sequel lives up to its predecessor, but in the case of Shrek, its following seemed to survive and thrive under Shrek 2. As part of its Summit Speaker Series, SIFF Film Center and TheFilmSchool have invited writer David Stem (also behind the Smurfs films) to dissect the billion-dollar franchise's second installment. SIFF Film Center, $15