Alana Cheshire, Hailey Henderson, and Jessica Thorne in Fefu and Her Friends. 

Mon, Dec. 3
Climate Hope for the Holidays
While climate change's future isn't uplifting, faculty members at the University of Washington's Program of the Environment and the School of Oceanography, along with other experts, gather to produce the desirable kind of warmth, what they call "Earth Optimism." The panel will help you find hope and brainstorm ways to reduce your personal footprint in this festive addition to the Climate Science on Tap panel series. For those looking for something even lighter, there's climate-themed trivia at 6pm. Queen Anne Beerhall, Free

Tue, Dec. 4
Three Debuts: Mohamed Asem, Ashley Toliver, Lisa Wells
You can bask in the Northwest's penchant for the literary as these Portland-based writers share excerpts from their latest book releases. Lisa Wells' The Fix, a poetry collection centered around womanhood and its reclamation, has already garnered an Iowa Poetry Prize. Hugo House, Free

Wed, Dec. 5
Shout Your Abortion Book Release Bash
Amid Congress’s push to defund Planned Parenthood in 2015, activists made the Shout Your Abortion (SYA) hashtag on Twitter. SYA counters the traditional abortion narrative by giving women a platform to share their experiences. Shout Your Abortion, the book, ushers the movement into the print world with a striking compilation of stories, photos, and essays from everyday women. Movement co-founder Amelia Bonow will host the talk. The Neptune Theatre, $11

Fefu and Her Friends
The University of Washington’s drama department pays homage to avant-garde Cuban-American playwright María Irene Fornés, who passed away this October, with a production of Fefu and Her Friends. It’s a clever flirtation with the ladies-who-lunch trope, at once poetic, feminist, and revealing of middle age. An appropriate opportunity to honor both the women in your life and one of experimental theater’s beloved matriarchs. Meany Studio Theater, $8–$20 

Thu, Dec. 6
Valley Maker and Ings
Seattle based singer-songwriter Austin Crane of Valley Maker creates atmospheric folk with soft vocals that may lull you into a meditative state. His latest album Rhododendron, written during the 2016 presidential election, is woven through with political undertones and themes of migration. A complimentary partner, Ings plays "lullaby rock," sweet and dreamlike. Barboza, $10

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