Madhu Rao plays Rod Serling in The Twilight Zone: Live!.

Image: Dave Hastings

Mon, Nov. 19
The Twilight Zone Live
Theater Schmeater’s longtime tradition transposes Rod Sterling’s brainy, shadowy, sci-fi TV series into a live stage production. Local thespian Rachel DelMar will direct a selection of four episodes, including “Deaths-Head Revisited,” in which ghosts of a Nazi officer’s late atrocities come knocking. Theater Schmeater, $27

Tue, Nov. 20
David Shields: Nobody Hates Trump More Than Trump: An Intervention
Leaked off-air Fox News transcripts and other musings color the pages of this satirical romp through the mind and times of our tweet-typing fearless leader. David Shields, a prolific local novelist and essayist, offers up a psychoanalysis of both Trump and the media-centric world he inhabits. Ravenna Third Place Books, Free

Irish rock group Kodaline produces pop-y, upbeat tracks that, while at times cliche, are bound to dominate your headspace. Its latest album Politics of Living is rife with carefree, bop-your-head tunes. Neptune Theatre, $28

Wed, Nov. 21
The 2nd Annual Circus Tramp Holiday Show
Local burlesque and music maven Caela Bailey serves up an evening of scandal and big band sound, alongside her father Ron Bailey, who wrote many of the tracks on her debut album The Gospel of the Gutter Queen. Expect plenty of sultry tunes and teases. Highway 99 Blues Club, $13 

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