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What to Do After Work August 6–9

Political Obama-era fanfiction, a visit from the “beat scientist,” and a large ensemble performance at the Neptune.

By Landon Groves August 6, 2018

Valley Queen are brings its Supergiant tour to the Sunset Tavern on Tuesday, August 7.

Mon. August 6
Andrew Shaffer’s Hope Never Dies
The cover of Hope Never Dies, author/comedian Andrew Shaffer’s new novel, features a stone-faced Barack Obama commanding Joe Biden’s Pontiac Trans Am. The book follows the two as they embark on a noir-like investigation into the murder of a close friend, uncovering clues and strengthening their famed bromance along the way. Third Place Books, Free

Tue. August 7
Valley Queen
Valley Queen, the four-piece indie outfit based in LA, is making something of a splash in the world of female-led alt-rock bands. Touring in support of their positively-reviewed new album Supergiant, Valley Queen sound like West Coast or Lucy Dacus—fuzzed out hard rock with the occasional country twang. Oh, and their Audiotree is great, too. Sunset Tavern, $12

Wed. August 8
Makaya McCraven
If Wednesday evening finds you in the mood for some smoky, coffee shop jazz then Makaya McCraven’s show at The Royal Room has you covered. Commonly referred to as the “beat scientist,” producer and drummer McCraven quietly runs the show from behind the kit, injecting the evening with hip hop and funk-inspired rhythms. The Royal Room, $18

Thu. August 9
Khu.éex: The Magic of Noise
Khu.éex is a large ensemble group that merges Native American cultural elements with funk and jazz. Here, they appear as part of the Nights at the Neptune's annual performance series, playing a live show following the screening of a documentary based on their music. The Neptune, Free

Jenn Champion
For two decades, Jenn Champion floated around in the Seattle indie scene—first as a part of Carissa's Wierd, later as a solo artist going by S—making spare, serious indie. Last December she moved to LA with her wife. Now she's released with an album of synth-pop, the winkingly titled Single Rider. Yes, it is sunnier. (It is also very good.) Chop Suey, $12 –Stefan Milne

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