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Weekend What to Do August 17–19

Hit one of the last summer block parties, or get fired up about the midterms and crafting at the same time.

By Mac Hubbard August 17, 2018

Director Ava DuVernay speaks about the challenges and triumphs of working as a woman in Hollywood in Half the Picture.

Fri, Aug 17
Elizabeth Rush
If all the recent news about the countrywide heat wave hasn't already got your mind on climate change, Elizabeth Rush's Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore should do the trick. Not only does it trace changes in the world's shorelines, it also takes a sympathetic look at the lives currently affected in those precarious areas. Good to know around here. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

Sat, Aug 18
Mercer x Summit Block Party

A street intersection as locus for a mini-festival with Telekinesis, Hibou, Porter Ray, and JusMoni? And it's free? It sure feels like a throwback to the days when Capitol Hill Block Party actually felt like, you know, a block party. Capitol Hill, Free

Screenprinting Work Party
Okay, so you're fired up about the midterm elections and love arts and crafts, but you couldn't knit a pink hat to save your life. What do you do? Engage in the time old tradition of screen printing election t-shirts and posters, naturally. Pratt Fine Arts Center, Suggested Donation

All Weekend
Intiman Theatre's Emerging Artist Program Showcase
One sign of a thriving arts scene is a healthy support system to cultivate talent. And with Sara Porkalob coaching these 19 artists here, Seattle seems to be doing a pretty good job of that. Cornish Theatre, Free

Half the Picture
It's not so surprising that Hollywood is riddled with gender inequality. But despite the upstream battle women often fight to gain recognition in the film industry, talent can find a way. In this documentary, prominent female voices—Ava DuVernay, Miranda July—tell their own stories, both disheartening and triumphant. Northwest Film Forum, $12

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