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The Top Things to Do This Weekend: August 31–September 3

PAX West weekend means a flood of nerd-centric activities in the city, from an independent video game showcase to a boozy cosplay contest. Also, Bumbershoot.

By Darren Davis August 31, 2017

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The Seattle Indies Expo is a smaller, more intimate alternative to PAX West featuring labors of love from independent game developers in the greater Seattle area.

Special Events

Sept 1–4
PAX West
Let LA’s E3 convention have its industry insiders. PAX West—the biggest video game convention on the West Coast—puts fans first. Get hands-on time with some of the highly anticipated upcoming titles from all the major gaming studios and publishers. And check out the Indie Megabooth, where smaller developers showcase their labors of love. Washington State Convention Center, Sold Out

Sat, Sept 2
'NW Nerd' PAX After Party and Cosplay Contest
NW Nerd—a podcast geared toward, wait for it, nerds living in the Northwest—taps into the height of PAX festivities for a different kind of Saturday night fever, one that involves people dressed up in space marine body armor and/or as anime characters. The cosplay contest, judged by a panel of local experts, is just one slice of the party. So don't feel obligated to put on your early Game of Thrones Halloween costume to attend. There's still arcade games, pinball, and booze. Raygun Lounge, Free

Sun, Sept 3
Seattle Indies Expo
While the major game studios convene at PAX West to show off multi-million dollar projects to fans struck with various levels of frenzy, some homegrown talent throws a party for the unheralded creative minds in this burgeoning industry. The Seattle Indies Expo brings together 25 independent game developers—small teams or even just lone individuals—creating labors of love in the form of video games. Get hands-on time with some side-scrolling shooters, puzzle games, and interactive narrative experiences, all created by locals. Motif Hotel, Free


Sept 1–3
The summer music festival in Seattle closes with a party under the Space Needle, with some big talent like Weezer, Lorde, Vince Staples, and Solange. But music is only half the fun. Bumbershoot takes full advantage of Seattle Center: theater performances, film screenings, a laser show, and yoga on the grass (because Seattle). Seattle Center, $99-$750


Thu, Aug 31
Summer at SAM: Sculptured Dance
Seattle Art Museum's summer series of off-site events comes to a close with an evening of unmissable outdoor dance. Choreographers team up with companies Au Collective, The YC, and the one-and-only Pacific Northwest Ballet for site-specific performances around the Sculpture Garden. Expect music from Jyun Jyun, DIY kinetic sculptures (yes, you read that right), kid's activities and food trucks. Olympic Sculpture Garden, Free (RSVP requested)

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