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Kilmer transforms into Twain.

If you've ever wanted to watch Val Kilmer done up as Mark Twain for 90 minutes and then ask him in person why—why exactly—he decided to do such a thing, this Thursday provides an unprecedented opportunity.

In 2012, the veteran actor known for his roles in Top GunTombstone, and Heat donned the garb, gesticulations, and drinking habits of the legendary American author and began touring a one-man show around Los Angeles and other select cities. Dubbed Citizen Twain, the short run of performances seemed as charming as it was inexplicable.

Now armed with a film version of his inspired and historically dubious performance, Kilmer arrives at SIFF Cinema Uptown on May 4 to show off the project and even answer some questions afterward. Tickets for the screening and Q&A are $39.
This'll be one to tell your grandchildren about, folks.
May 4, SIFF Cinema Uptown, $39

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