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Cheap Week: May 30–June 4

'The Cage Fighter' returns to the ring at SIFF, 'Listen: It's a Sound Show' questions what it means to listen, and the Shadow Council brings a little light into serious civic discourse.

By Darren Davis May 30, 2017

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Pink Roland by Constance DeJong, featured in Listen: It's a Sound Show

Image: Corey Riddell

Tue, May 30
Churchill and Orwell 
Known for his work covering current U.S. military actions in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer Thomas E. Ricks is something of an expert in foreign politics and warfare. He visits Town Hall this Tuesday to read from his latest book, Churchill and Orwell—an intertwined biography of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and prolific author George Orwell. Ricks draws connections between the two men—who never met in their lifetime—in the influence they had on pushing the public consciousness against totalitarianism. Town Hall$5

Wed,  May 31
Amy Vachal
It's the classic American success story: A young singer-songwriter hones her craft in Brooklyn, gains national attention as a contestant on The Voice, forgoes the trappings of traditional record contracts, self-produces a new slate of music (her new single, "Wait" is out now),  then embarks on a national tour. With a voice reminiscent of Nora Jones and an understated approach to songwriting, think of Vachal as an antidote to EDM. Barboza, $10–$12

Wed, May 31
The Shadow Council
World's a mess. There's no way around it. And things aren't exactly business-as-usual in Seattle either, with this year's mayoral race gearing up to be something of a spectacle. Every day it becomes more of a task to wade through the seemingly bottomless well of newsworthy (read: stressful) events while also finding time to, you know laugh a little. Enter the Shadow Council, a way-less-ominous-than-it-sounds evening of satire and civic conversation hosted by Brett Hamil of The Seattle Process. Think of it as a fake legislative town hall, one where mayoral candidate Keith Whiteman will give a stump speech while playing a drum solo. Northwest Film Forum, $8

Thu, June 1
'The Cage Fighter'
The Seattle International Film Festival is purposefully heavy on the international this year but rather light on Seattle filmmakers. One exception is The Cage Fighter, a documentary directed by Jeff Unay about a mixed martial arts fighter turned Washington-state firefighter who returns to the ring—unbeknownst to his family—for one last fight. SIFF Cinema Uptown, $14

Sat, June 3
Listen: It's a Sound Show
This one-night-only multimedia event—featuring artists, musicians, and activists from both coasts—focuses on listening as both an auditory experience and a political act. Stationary artwork, sound installations, live music, and spoken word fill Equinox Studios with sources of sound, each in its own way asking the listener to evaluate what, why, and who we listen to, and how we assign meaning. Equinox Studios, Free

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