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Here’s the Thing About Jazz 

Ryan Gosling explains a touchstone African American musical genre to other white people…again. (Note: This may be replaced at the last second by “The Music of Moonlight.”)

Smells Like the Same Old Question

How to convince clueless national journalists that grunge isn’t the only Seattle musical style. (Reminder to panelists: Don’t wear flannel.)

Actually Rocking the Vote

Rockers and unsuccessful former political candidates John Roderick and Krist Novoselic chat about musicians’ struggle to be taken seriously as elected officials. So much harder than it is for reality TV stars.

Paul Allen’s How to Fund a Music Festival 

Step 1: Cofound Microsoft…

I’m Not Married to the President, I Make Beats

Upstream headliner Flying Lotus and FLOTUS Melania Trump discuss unexpected branding confusion. (She’ll really do anything to avoid going to the White House.)

Hi, I’m Ryan Lewis!

Some guy (a producer?) speaks about the often-overlooked work done by sidekicks just outside the platinum-selling spotlight. But more importantly, Macklemore will be there!

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