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Fleet Foxes Finally Return

The Seattle-formed indie folk group schedules a concert at the Showbox as part of its first U.S. dates in six years.

By Seth Sommerfeld March 28, 2017

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At least three Fleet Foxes look happy to be back.

While it's tempting to imagine that Fleet Foxes has been lost in the Northwest woods while living some sort of musical hermitry for the past half decade, the romantic narrative and the facts simply don't jibe. In reality, the hiatus can be attributed to frontman Robin Pecknold moving away from Seattle to study at Columbia University in New York City.

Fleet Foxes finally returned to the musical spotlight earlier this month when it released the expansive, nearly nine-minute single "Third of May / Ōdaigahara" and announced its upcoming third album, Crack-Up (out June 16). After a six-year break touring the States, the group at the forefront of Seattle's brief indie folk boom returns to its hometown on May 19 when Fleet Foxes headline the Showbox.

Tickets for Fleet Foxes at the Showbox go on sale for $46 this Friday, March 31 at 10am via axs.com. Get 'em while they last.

UPDATE 4/3 While the Showbox gig expectedly sold out in short order, Fleet Foxes just added a less intimate date at the Paramount Theatre on September 14. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 7 at 10am via Ticketmaster and run $37–$40.

Fleet Foxes
May 19, The Showbox, Sold Out

Fleet Foxes
Sept 14, Paramount Theatre, $37–$40

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