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Calling the DC comic book films humorless slogs is like saying Bertha has had trouble burrowing under Seattle. While Marvel’s film adaptations (think Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy) burst with color and wisecracks, this year DC gave us the abysmal Suicide Squad and bleak Ben Affleck–led Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And exactly a year from now we’ll get more of the same in the superhero team-up Justice League.

There’s still time to fix this. Reshoot Justice League with the original Batman, Walla Walla’s Adam West.

The campy hijinks of West’s ’60s television Batman would provide some much-needed levity and laughs to the broodfest; West’s ultra-absurdist turn as a crazed version of himself on Family Guy proves he can still deliver a punch line. Who cares if the 88-year-old is past his physical prime? Pec and ab implants come standard in today’s super suits.

Vote Adam West. You’re welcome, Hollywood. 

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