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In completely unsurprising news, Ben Gibbard isn't a big fan of Donald Trump. Today, Death Cab for Cutie released a lyric video for a new song entitled "Million Dollar Loan." The title comes from the GOP presidential candidate's claim that he started his business empire from the bottom with only the aid of a million dollar loan from his father. The song serves as a fittingly low-key protest song for Death Cab, leaning on the soft but loathing lyrical presentation of Trump's ego ("His enemies can't contain the flames of jealousy / With brutish charm the women flock to be on his arm") rather than any inherent musical aggression.

"A Million Dollar Loan" is the first entry in McSweeney's founder Dave Eggers's 30 Songs, 30 Days project, which will release a new anti-Trump song each day leading up to the election. Other artist involved include R.E.M., Aimee Mann, Jim James, Clipping., and Thao Nguyen.

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