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Guns N’ Roses Rocks With Slash and Duff For The First Time Since The ‘90s

What other pop culture relics from that era could aid the band on its reunion tour?

By Seth Sommerfeld July 22, 2016 Published in the August 2016 issue of Seattle Met

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Guns N’ Roses is back! Well, not fully back. Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler are still MIA…but hey! Axl Rose is playing with Slash and Duff McKagan for the first time since 1996 and 1997, respectively. In case nostalgia doesn’t reach a fever pitch at the group’s CenturyLink Field show, we considered other pop-culture relics from the last time the guys were together that could improve the experience.  Fri, Aug 12, CenturyLink Field, $35–$250

1. Opening Act

Why not double down on the reunion power and get ’NSync to open the concert? Will the boy band’s tight choreography help them deal with all the beers and beepers hurled at Justin Timberlake’s head? Show up early to find out!

2. Entertainment

While waiting for the band to take the stage, head to one of the numerous Nintendo 64 kiosks salvaged from Toys “R” Us locations and help set a world record for largest Mario Kart 64 tournament. Welcome to DK Jungle.

3. Dance

If you find yourself bored and overcaffeinated (after downing that collector’s cup of Surge) when the band plays tunes from Chinese Democracy, pass the time by doing the Macarena along to the beat.

4. Photography

Rose recently demanded Google remove an unflattering, memeable picture of him from the Internet, so perhaps only film photography will be allowed. For those who’ve forgotten, film cameras are machines that take pics but can’t Snapchat.

5. Merch

Forget band T-shirts. Grab exclusive, reimagined throwbacks like a top hat–adorned Slash Beanie Babies bear, a GN’R Tamagotchi (digitally experience dealing with Rose’s crap), and this year’s hottest Christmas toy, Tickle Me Axl.

Images: SH5 / Sakura / WENN / Newscom (Axl Rose), Courtesy Nintendo / Wikicommons (Nintendo), Shutterstock by FeatureFlash Photo Agency (NSync), Fotos593 (Dance), and Canonzoom (Film), Courtesy Tomasz Sienicki / Wikicommons (Tamagotchi)


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