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Want to start off the Movies at the Mural season with a quote-along screening of The Princess Bride? As you wish.

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July 28–31
Seagaze Festival
Drown your ears in electrified noise as Lo-Fi hosts Seagaze Festival. The new four-night fest brings together some of the Northwest's best shoegaze, post-punk, and psych rock acts like Seattle music maven Erik Blood and Portland goth band Shadowhouse. Escape from the summer sun, and embrace the shadowy trance of Seagaze's musical vibe. Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, $10–$12; Festival pass $35

July 28–31
Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival
When is a film festival not a film festival? When it's the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival. Instead of narrowly focusing on the medium (film), the festival puts an emphasis on storytelling across platforms. STIFF's free Transmedia Gallery at Factory Luxe features narratives delivered via virtual reality, video games, 360 video, and more. But STIFF also doesn't abandon film, screening a documentary about being unable to detach ourselves from our technology (Screenagers), a movie about extra-terrestrial marijuana (Star Leaf), and plenty of shorts. Factory Luxe, Free–$30; Festival pass $60

Fri & Sat, July 29 & 30 
Strictly Seattle
When dancers of all levels come together every year for Velocity Dance Center’s three-week intensive summer program Strictly Seattle, the public wins. See the results of the performers’ immersion into the local dance world when they wrap up the program with new works developed in collaboration by scene standouts Zoe Scofield, Alice Gosti, Amy O’Neal, KT Niehoff, Mark Haim, Marlo Martin, and Rosa Vissers. Broadway Performance Hall, $20

Sat, July 30
Movies at the Mural: The Princess Bride Quote-along
On a list of the Seattlest things you can do during summer, watching beloved blockbusters under the Space Needle ranks pretty high. Maybe the most balanced outdoor movie slate of 2016 features Mad Max: Fury Road (2015’s best film), the timeless best picture–winning musical West Side Story, Life of Pi’s animal adventure, and the sci-fi comedy cult classic Galaxy Quest. Movies at the Mural begins its 2016 run this weekend with a quote-along screening of The Princess Bride. Inconceivable? Hardly. Seattle Center, Free

Sun, July 31
Wooden O
To see, or not to see: That should not be the question. Of course one should take the time to check out Seattle Shakespeare’s Wooden O productions of Hamlet and Love’s Labour’s Lost. The company’s consistent quality means that the tales of tragic royal revenge and love-struck young men comically at odds with their tenuous vows of temporary chastity should energize the parks this summer. This Sunday the touring production makes its annual stop at Seattle Center for a doubleheader of both shows. Seattle Center, Free 

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