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Bren Ahearn stitches to provide subversive social commentary in Strategies for Survival at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Bren Ahearn, Sampler 5, 2009, cotton, 19.5 x 13.5 in.


June 10–Jan 15
Bren Ahearn: Strategies for Survival
Rather than pull on the threads of societal notions of masculinity in order to unravel them, needlepoint artist Bren Ahearn manipulates them to create his own subversive message in Strategies for Survival. With a wit as sharp as his needle, Ahearn creates small samplers that look like childhood educational charts but read like the diary of a sensitive boy: “I guess the flowered lunch box was the wrong accessory choice,” attributed to a six-year-old Bren, for example. The intricate embroideries manage to be humorous, personal, and powerful. Bellevue Arts Museum, $12

June 9–Aug 28
Graphic Masters: Dürer, Rembrandt, Hogarth, Goya, Picasso, R. Crumb
Unbelievable as it may seem, Seattle Art Museum has never hosted a large-scale exhibit of graphic artists. That changes with the arrival of Graphic Masters, which brings in over 400 works that represent 500 years of printmaking. In addition to works by Rembrandt, Hogarth, and Goya, the exhibit spans from Albrecht Dürer’s fifteenth-century woodcuts to Picasso’s Vollard Suite etchings to R. Crumb’s modern cartoons. Seattle Art Museum, $20


Fri, June 10
Jazz Intoxication
Historical reenactments tend to focus on great military battles or other politically significant events... not jazz concerts. Jazz Intoxication celebrates the 98th anniversary of the first documented jazz concert featuring Washington musicians (Ms. Lillian Smith's Jazz Band) by attempting to recreate the magic of that night in the same location—Washington Hall. Featuring the Industrial Revelation, vocalist Josephine Howell, and musical director D'Vonne Lewis, the scripted concert might just be the first dance party where attendees actually learn something. Washington Hall, $25–$50

June 3–12
Glazer's PhotoFest
Glazer's Camera's annual PhotoFest always offers shutterbugs an exciting weekend of free workshops, speeches by experts in a variety of photographic fields (fashion, music, advertising, etc.), and of course in-store sales. But this year's festivities are extra special for one big reason: it's the first chance to check out the new Glazer's Camera location at 811 Republican Street. Seattle's a better place for having hubs like Glazer's to cater to all those who aren't content just snapping pics on their phones. Glazer's Camera, Free


June 10–12
NW New Works Festival
Want to be hip to the rising stars in Seattle’s performance, dance, and theater scenes before they break through? Then check out On the Boards’ NW New Works Festival. The two-weekend shindig gives the city’s experimental artists a platform to showcase in-progress works in a receptive, communal environment. The thrill of the fresh and unexpected waits around every turn. On the Boards, $14


Sat & Sun, June 11 & 12
Weird and Awesome: Emmett Montgomery Album Recording
Seattle standup Emmett Montgomery turns his monthly show of comedy and delightful oddity into a platform for recording his (long overdue) standup album. Expect to hear hilarious stories about nightmares, marriage, and meatloaf, as the bearded one performs a hour-long set he’s been working on for years. The album will be recorded for ASpecialThing Records, which has put out standup albums by Marc Maron, Bob Odenkirk, Jen Kirkman, Wyatt Cenac, and many more top comedians. Annex Theater, $10


Sat, June 11
K Beach Towel Night: Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers
Felix Herandez is on the DL. That's made for a lot of Unhappy Felix Days. But perhaps he could use the time away from the playing field to get a little beach rest and relaxation. What's the perfect accompaniment for the King's summer leisure? A beach towel designed to look like a King's Court K card. The Mariners will be giving the towels out to the fans at Safeco as the team looks to avenge a recent sweep and gain ground ground on the first place Texas Rangers. Safeco Field, $25–$500


Fri, June 10
David Bazan
For his latest album, David Bazan put down the guitar. Blanco finds the revered Seattle singer-songwriter employing an electronic palette reminiscent of his work in Headphones. The lighter sounds give Bazan a floating backdrop over which to deliver his consistently crushing and beautiful lyrics. It may be a departure from his indie rock ways, but it still feel like it emanates from the same sorrowful soul. Having Lemolo open the show only provides more ethereal sonic elegance. Neptune Theater, $19


Fri & Sat, June 10 & 11
SIFF 2016: Don't Think Twice
Improv comedy is all about trusting the other people in the scene. It’s an art form that needs strong relationships. Mike Birbiglia’s sophomore feature Don’t Think Twice explores the dynamics of a top New York improv troupe as some performers rise and others stagnate. An all-star comedy nerd cast (Birbiglia, Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard, and Tami Sagher) form an improv team called the Commune. When members of the group get auditions for a Saturday Night Live stand-in, the characters must sort through the emotions and jealousy that naturally arise when some friends get a shot at stardom while others continue to struggle grinding out a life of tough work and comedic passion. SIFF Cinema Uptown and AMC Pacific Place 11, Sold out (standby)

Sat, June 11
SIFF 2016: The General
Silent film star Buster Keaton was downright insane. The master of comedic physicality literally put his life on the line to perform stunts that studios wouldn’t even let stuntmen attempt these days. SIFF shows off Keaton’s timeless brilliance with a screening of his most acclaimed film, The General. Keaton plays a southern railroad engineer during the Civil War who must rescue his train (named the General) and fiancee when they’re stolen by Yankee forces (spoiler alert: the quest requires crazy train stunts). Despite being released in 1926, there’s a decent chance The General will be the best comedy of SIFF 2016. SIFF Cinema Egyptian, $8

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