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DJ Nina Grey is one of the (obscured) faces that will be spinning records every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this summer at the Hotel Sorrento's garden.

Wed, June 15
Vox Mod: Pure Consciousness Release Show
No one else in Seattle creates electronic music quite like Vox Mod. He balances free flowing cosmic vibes with twitchy hyperactive energy bursts in a way that feels both atypical and natural. His latest album Pure Consciousness (co-produced and mixed by Erik Blood) delivers a new batch of sonic realms to explore with the aid of vocalists Irene Barbaric, Daniel G. Harmann, and Fey Moth. Experience Pure Consciousness when Vox Mod debuts the album at Vermillion with opening support from Lazer Kitty (his other band) and Fragile Weapons. Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, $5

Thur, June 16
Film Court: Space Jam
Court is in session at Central Cinema. On trial: Space Jam. Yeah, that's right, the movie where Michael Jordan plays basketball with the Looney Tunes against cartoon aliens then realizes playing baseball maybe wasn't the best career choice. Kids that grew up watching Space Jam love it, but is it actually a good movie or simply just another bit of ‘90s nostalgia like Alice in Chains (sorry Jerry, but without Layne it's just not the same)? Jet City Improv’s Doug Willott argues on the film’s behalf, while The Stranger sports writer Spike Friedman attempts to show why it’s a cinematic crime. Be a part of the audience and help decide this movie’s fate in film history. Central Cinema, $10

Thur, June 16
Prince Memorial Night
Prince—like David Bowie—helped many people get through hard times in their lives by showing people that it's ok to be different. No matter what words haters use criticizing Prince, mark he left on pop culture, his success, and the loves of his fans is undeniable. So come celebrate his life and music where Fly Moon Royalty, Breaks & Swells, Joe Gregory, The West, SGF, Gibraltar, and Sunder Heed will be playing some of their favorite hits that best signify what the Artist Formerly Known as Prince meant to them. Nuemos, $8

Thur & Fri, June 16 & 17
While Canadians may be known for their niceness, Metz offers living proof that our neighbors to the north can get heavy and rock too. The Sub Pop trio’s talent beautifully mashes together to make unrelenting synchronous noise. After multiple appearances ripping up the Neumos stage, Metz heads downstairs to Barboza, which should make for an even louder affair. Your ears will thank you if they ever stop ringing. Barboza, $15

Sat, June 18
DJ Nights in the Garden
There are few better ways to wind down a long week than by taking a nice walk up to First Hill for a few drinks and some tunes at Hotel Sorrento. As part of the Sorrento’s summer Music in the Garden series, DJs will be spinning records every Thursday (DJ Nina Grey), Friday (DJ Sean Morrow), and Saturday (DJ Evieluxx) until September (with additional live music performances on Fridays and Saturdays). The musical environment created offers a much more relaxing evening than any crowded Pike/Pine bar, with a much slimmer chance of a fist fight being necessary just to get a drink. Hotel Sorrento, Free

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