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Where to Go This First Thursday: May 2016

Head out to discover spectral dresses, adventurous animals, the calm of rust-infused panels, and more.

By Seth Sommerfeld May 4, 2016

Mcgee cloud cover dudknf

Carrie McGee, Cloud Cover, rust, oil, and metal leaf on transparent acrylic panel, 42 x 48 x 4 in.

Carrie McGee
Patricia Rovzar Gallery

Meditative calm flows forth from Carrie McGee’s transparent plastic panels. With metal leaf, rust, and oil, the artist employs both natural and chemical processes to imbue each acrylic panel with beautifully subdued color, then hangs the squares and rectangles in repeating patterns. The results achieve a balance between aesthetic relaxation and pleasure. Opening reception from 6–8.


Tortoise . acrylic on wood panel . 36 x 48 vdozvs

Jesse Linkl, Tortoise, acrylic on wood panel, 36 x 48 in.

Image: Jesse Link

Jesse Link: American Majestic
Artifact Gallery

There’s a chance you’ve encountered artist Jesse Link’s creatures out in the urban wild: perhaps along Second Avenue construction walls or on the facade of Shack Coffee. Link specializes in wood-panel acrylic paintings of animals that mix street art and vivid colors to make viewers wish each critter had its own adventurous backstory. He shows off his wares in American MajesticOpening reception from 6–9.




Bent biographic oblrqp

Gala Bent, Deposition Well-known, 2016, gouache and graphite on paper, 15 x 22 in.

Gala Bent: Biographic
G. Gibson Gallery

Despite its title, there's nothing inherently personal about Gala Bent's latest collection of hybrid drawing and painting works. Rather, Biographic taps into Bent's biochemistry studies and the word's roots (bio: life :: graphic : to write) to create dreamy abstract imaginations of the ethereal, unseeable, and intangible way that life writes itself. Colorful watercolor patterns mesh with cloud sketchings and other unplaceable shapes to give a feeling of something that's both familiar and beyond our sensory perceptions. Opening reception from 6–8.


Anne siems magic zfsbnc

Anne Siems, Bell Dancer, 2016, acrylic on panel, 48 x 48 in.

Anne Siems: Magic
Woodside/Braseth Gallery

There will be no wizardry or sorcery in Seattle painter Anne Siems latest gallery exhibit. With Magic, the artist attempts to explore the sort of everyday magic that exists around us, but we often don't slow down long enough to appreciate. Siems adornes her subjects in ornate translucent clothing by only painting the fabric with a white outline, allowing her figures to blend into the soft colors of the background and achieve an air of spectral beauty. Opening reception from 5:30–8:30.

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