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Friday, May 27

Disclosure (11 at Sasquatch) - To be honest, Friday features one of the weakest Sasquatch! lineups in recent memory. But it should be interesting to see how Disclosure's electronic act plays after escaping the comforts of the El Chupacabra dance tent to be a main stage headliner. Considering Disclosure's 2015 album Caracal featured guest vocals from Lorde, Sam Smith, and the Weeknd, the British brother duo should appeal to an audience beyond the EDM kids.

Grace Love and the True Loves (4:45 at Sasquatch) - Grace Love and the True Loves might be the smoothest band going in Seattle. Led by Love deep vocal register, the nine-piece soul outfit is worth making an early trek over to the Gorge on Friday.

Also check out: Telekinesis (5:30 at Bigfoot) | Vince Staples (8:15 at Bigfoot)

Saturday, May 28

Digable Planets (7:15 at Sasquatch) - After reuniting for a sold out show at the Moore in December, Digable Planets hits the stage again in preparation of a mini-tour this July. The trio's unique jazz hip-hop sound made it a unique standout during the group's '90s heyday, and it still manages to feel like a fresh alternative all these years later.

Hop Along (6:25 at Yeti) - Philadelphia indie rock quartet Hop Along produces songs that beat with the heart of a melancholy romantic. Frontwoman Frances Quinlan boasts one of the most dynamic voices in music today, showcasing an ability to transition between tender whispers, warbling emotion, cutting fierceness, and wild howls over the course of a few measures. There's still room on the Hop Along bandwagon, jump on before it gets too crowded.

Protomartyr (5:05 at Yeti) - Don't expect any frill or pageantry when Detroit's Protomartyr takes the stage. The non-nonsense Hard Art band manages to be captivating through the force of anti-charisma, best documented via the Tumblr dedicated to the group's lead singer, Descriptions of Joe Casey. Casey may look like an slobby extra wandering around in the background of a middling movie about Wall Street corruption, but he's always ready to pummel an audience with snarling, venomous rock.

Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero (3:50 at El Chupacabra) - Most couples travel to far off lands to celebrate their nuptials. Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero decided to go on tour. The newly married comedians venture from Hawaii to the scenic views of the Gorge as part of their honeymoon. Both Kasher's mouthy intelligent arrogance and Leggero's bourgeois diva persona are worth checking out on their own, and together they make a comedy combo worthy of your love.

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Sunday, May 29

Big Grams (12:30am at Bigfoot) - Outkast? Dope. Phantogram? Terrific. So it's hardly a surprise that the new project from Big Boi and the electronic duo reaches pretty high heights. Big Boi's raps sound incredibly fresh over lush sonic backdrops Phantogram provides, and singer Sarah Barthel's cooed hooks provide a near perfect vocal counterbalance to the MC. Think of Big Grams as a sort of musical Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Of course these two things taste sweet when combined.

The Cure (11 at Sasquatch) - Compared to previous years, there's a noticeable lack of legacy acts on 2016's Sasquatch! lineup. But if anyone can fill that void, it's the Cure. The iconic goth rock band has become known for marathon sets that can span 50 songs and last three or four hours. No need to worry if the Cure will get to your favorite song. It'll pop up... eventually.

Speedy Ortiz (9:15 at Yeti) - The indie scene these days is chock-full of amazing feminist rockers. Even among her talented peers, Speedy Ortiz's Sadie Dupuis stands out in the crowd with poetic lyrics that can be touching and personal, playfully funny, and gut any hater that crosses her path. While the band's most recent album Foil Deer found the group diversifying its sonic palate, ripping angular guitar rock remains Speedy Ortiz's driving principle. It's a band worth missing Alabama Shakes to see.

Tacocat (1 at Sasquatch) - You may have noticed that we love Tacocat. Fresh off of a European tour, the band gets the Sunday action rolling with its usual colorful and blissed out pop punk dance party. We can't think of a better way to start one of the most loaded single-day Sasquatch! lineups in years.

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Monday, May 30

Caribou (11:30 at El Chupacabra) - Sasquatch! 2016 closes things out with the best electronic act on the planet. While it may be tempting to pack it in early after four days of festing, Caribou is worth every last ounce of energy in your body. Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith consistently crafts free-flowing albums like Swim and Andorra that appeal to audiences that might recoil from most EDM, and he's turned Caribou into one of the best live acts going. It'll be odd seeing an actual band (instead of just dudes on laptops) closing out the El Chupacabra tent.

Sufjan Stevens (9 at Sasquatch) - Sufjan Stevens would make a pretty excellent cult leader. The indie singer-songwriter elicits a next level passionate devotion from his fans (followers?) regardless of what experimental track he guides them down (most recently, a return to his indie folk roots with Carrie and Lowell). The troubadour spins more of his enchanting magic as dusk falls on the final day of Sasquatch!.

Grimes (7:15 at Sasquatch) - There's a decent chance Grimes is just a comic book character that managed to jump off the page and come to life. She possess a superhuman ability to craft stunning and catchy electronic electronic art pop songs without any outside assistance (see: 2015's Art Angels). She's got a style that mixes Harley Quinn, anime, and hip late night party chic. And good luck finding anyone that performs with more energetic glee than she does. Catch Grimes now, before she gets shipped off to Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Also check out: Iska Dhaaf (1 at Yeti) | Childbirth (1 at Yeti) | The Internet (3:10 at Sasquatch) | Thao and the Get Down Stay Down (4:50 at Bigfoot) | Todd Barry (5:30 at El Chupacabra) | Florence and the Machine (11 at Sasquatch)

Sasquatch! Music Festival
May 27–30, Gorge Amphitheatere, $350–$1,300

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