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Cheap Week April 11–17

Check out the Pacific Northwest's best new music videos on the big screen, explore space at Pivot, and honor the memory of Noah Davis at the Frye.

By Scott Johnson Edited by Seth Sommerfeld April 11, 2016

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Explore the Final Frontier at Pivot Art and Culture's Imagined Futures exhibit. 

Assembly of the moonships 1,075 miles above the Hawaiian Islands, 1952

Thru July 10
Imagined Futures
Nothing has inspired more stories than just simply looking up to the stars and wondering are we alone? What else could be out there? Imagined Futures, a new exhibit drawing from Paul Allen extensive sci-fi collection, hopes to answer these questions and inspire more thought as it brings together an array of both modern and vintage pieces that demonstrate the complex realm where science and art collide. The pieces on display range from artwork by Ansel Adams and Max Ernst to models of rockets from films like Silent Running and Destination MoonPivot Art and Culture, $5

Thru May 11
Seijun Suzuki Retrospective
Japanese director Seijun Suzuki experimented so wildly while churning out rule-breaking studio B action movies in the ’60s that he eventually got fired and blacklisted. During his 10-year exile, cinephiles began to champion Suzuki’s visionary style (which eventually influenced directors like Quentin Tarantino) , and his eventual return as an award-winning independent filmmaker further built a legacy. Northwest Film Forum and Grand Illusion team up to present a national tour of 11 of Suzuki’s finest and rarely screen works, including Carmen from KawachiNorthwest Film Forum, $9–$11

Fri, Apr 15
Sync Music Video Festival
SIFF once again celebrates the art of music video making in the Pacific Northwest with the third annual Sync Music Video Festival. From colorful clip to deeply touching short films, the 2016 edition of Sync spans the gamut with videos set to the tunes of Eric Blood, Deep Sea Diver, Gazebos, La Luz, Hey Marseilles, and more. We imagine singing along with the screen is frowned upon, but we're willing to look the other way. SIFF Cinema Uptown, $15

Sat, Apr 16
KEXP New Home Grand Opening
While the station has operated in its Seattle Center digs for months, KEXP officially opens its new home to the public with grand opening celebration featuring a fantastic live music lineup that includes Bob Mould, Strand of Oaks, Hey Marseilles, David Bazan, Sera Cahoone, and Deep Sea Diver. Microsoft will also unveil Inside the Music of KEXP, an interactive experience that uses its Xbox motion sensor Kinect technology to allow patrons to remix songs by some KEXP favs. KEXP, Free

April 16–June 19
Young Blood
Death needn’t be the end of an artistic conversation. Such is the case with Seattle natives turned LA artists Noah Davis and Kahlil Joseph. When Davis died in 2015 at the age of 32, the paintings and installation pieces he left behind still had a lot to say about access in the art world for African Americans. The story continues in Young Blood where Davis’s creations pair with films from Joseph, who has made stunning music videos for Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, and Shabazz Palaces. Frye Art Museum, Free

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