Years before the advent of Vine, the good folks at 5 Second Films honed the art of micro comedy videos. While the crew no longer produces clips on a regular basis, their rare output still delivers quick, to-the-point laughs. Case in point, 5SF recruited Fred Armisen to star in the self-explanatory pun perfection that is "Fred Alarmisen."


Speaking of celebrity name puns, Laurence Fishburne stopped by The Late Show last week and revealed his last name is actually just based on his proclivity for dissing those dirty underwater dwellers. "Laurence's Fish Burns" is one of those talk show bits that sounds brain-numbingly dumb, but it succeeds entirely because of Fishburne's absurdly passionate commitment to hard selling it.


Last week Nintendo released a Japanese trailer for a new 3DS game called Great Detective Pikachu. What exactly is this video game starring Pokémon's mascot in a Sherlock Holmes hat? We have no idea. But it looks like a gleeful fever dream, and we want to play it now. (Additionally, after a fan made mashup trailer began circulating, there's now an online petition requesting that the U.S. port of the game feature Danny DeVito as the voice of the titular electronic rodent.)


While known for her work with Minnesota rock group Now, Now, Jess Abbott's own band Tancred has unfortunately flown under the radar over the years. From the calm simplicity of 2011's Capes to the Tegan and Sara-level poppy rock excellence of 2013's S/T, few acts boast such consistently interesting and varied songwriting. Tancred has returned again with "Sell My Head," the first single off the band's upcoming album Out of the Garden. The song mixes Abbot's knack for crafting sweet, hooky choruses with verses that sport a staccato lyrical delivery reminiscent of frenetic Speedy Ortiz tunes. Out of the Garden comes out April 1 on Polyvinyl Records, and Tancred will be in Seattle at Chop Suey on April 3 opening for Foxing and Lymbyc Systym.


The acting world lost Abe Vigoda on Tuesday at the age of 94. While he's best known for his roles as Salvatore Tessio in The Godfather and Detective Phil Fish in Barney Miller, there's a younger generation which knows him primarily as a character who'd pop up in hilarious bits on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The beautiful thing about Vigoda's comedy on the show was it didn't really require any context outside of "this is some old, famous actor." He always seemed happy being a wonderful tool for silliness.