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The Top Things to Do This Weekend: January 21–24

Rat City Rollergirls lace up the skates, 'Really Really' shows the dark side of campus life, and Children's Film Festival Seattle delivers family friendly features.

By Seattle Met Staff January 21, 2016

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The Rat City Rollergirls are back in action this weekend.


Sat, Jan 23
Rat City Roller Girls: Home Team Season Opener
The Seahawks season may have come to an end, but you can still get your contact sports fix in Seattle when the Rat City Roller Girls lace up the skates and hit the rink. Embrace the wondrous grittiness as the women open up RCRG's twelfth season with a bout at the Rat's Nest on Aurora. The Rat's Nest, $20


Jan 22–30
Whim W’Him artistic director Olivier Wevers gets more abstract in his company’s latest show In-Spired. While his dances normally feature narratives, his newest creation instead focuses on the bliss of dancing, to Brahms’s Violin Concerto in D Major, op. 77. Works by Seattle’s own Mark Haim and Houston standout Dominic Walsh round out the bill. Cornish Playhouse, $25–$30


Jan 21–Feb 14
Really Really
Paul Downs Colaizzo’s Really Really presents an ugly underbelly vision of the youths who populate modern college campuses. When the question arises of whether sex at a party was consensual or rape, characters scramble to look out for their own interests. The play’s indictment of the me-first generation led The New York Times to dub it “Lord of the Flies with smartphones.” ArtsWest, $30–$38


Thur, Jan 21
Anitia Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian established a voice in feminist gaming with her web series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, but it also made her a target for sexist cretins behind the Gamergate movement. But she isn't going to let the threats and harassment deter her message. Sarkeesian heads to Bellevue to examine the (often sexual) archetypes of gaming heroines with her lecture "Strong Female Character." Meydenbauer Center, Sold out

Fri, Jan 22
It’s Our Right: 43 Years of Legal Abortion
This Friday marks the 43rd anniversary of the monumental Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which reversed a law that abortions could only be legal to save a life. It was a landmark case, finally giving women the right to choose. In commemoration of this historic event, Planned Parenthood and Shout Your Abortion are coming together at Town Hall Seattle to showcase speakers (such as Amelia Bonow and emcee Lindy West) that wish to share their stories—free from shame. Town Hall, $15–$50


Jan 21–31
Children’s Film Festival Seattle 
Looking for a good family film, but tired most of the options being new CGI animated features? Children’s Film Festival Seattle is here to help. Bringing in movies from around the globe, the fest features everything from a 1916 silent version of Snow White that inspired Disney to documentaries about Ugandan kids trying to make the Little League World Series. Northwest Film Forum, $11; Festival pass $90–$180

Sat, Jan 23
Cinema Dissection: Blade Runner
The complexity of Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s 1982 Harrison Ford–led android neo-noir, has made it one of those films that fans don’t merely love; they obsess over it. As part of SIFF’s Cinema Dissection series, local film critic Sean Axmaker guides a six-hour, scene-by-scene, shot-by- shot analysis and conversation about the sci-fi masterpiece. Patrons are encouraged to stop the film to ask questions in search of deeper meaning. The over/under for time debating if Deckard is a replicant has been set at 45 minutes. SIFF Film Center, Sold out

Sun, Jan 24
Out 1
French New Wave director Jacques Rivette never attempted anything quite as ambitious as Out 1. Then again, almost no director has. The nearly 13 hour epic tells a grand story of secret societies, blackmail, and Greek theatrical drama in the early 1970s. SIFF is offering hardcore cinephiles the chance to experience what The New York Times once dubbed “a kind of filmic holy grail” in a single day when it screens all eight of the movie’s chapters (separated into two-chapter block with intermissions). SIFF Film Center, $25


Jan 23–May 1
Math Moves!
Some kids are hands-on learners, which can make grasping mathematical concepts quite difficult. Math Moves! at Pacific Science Center makes seemingly abstract ideas like fractions and ratios more tactile through interactive exhibits where kids can track their bodies in motion, experiment with tone generators, and more. Pacific Science Center, $20


Thur, Jan 21 
Ty Seagall and the Muggers 
The spirit of early garage rock courses through Ty Seagall’s being. The ultra prolific musician has put out eight LPs since 2008 alone (and that’s not counting EPs, 7-inches, compilations, and his side project bands). Watch him get fuzzed out and wild as he plays tunes from his latest record, Emotional MuggerNeptune Theater, $19

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