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Ken Griffey Jr. Makes the Baseball Hall of Fame with Record Voting Percentage

Edgar Martinez still waits...

By Seth Sommerfeld January 6, 2016

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Image via @Mariners.

Ken Griffey Jr. is officially a Hall of Famer, and mirroring his career with the Mariners, the Kid got there with his own one-of-a-kind style. Griffey received a record breaking 99.32 percent of the vote (yes, three idiots didn't vote for him—we warned you about that). The previous record for highest voting percentage was held by Mets ace Tom Seaver, who got 98.84 percent of the vote in 1992. After Randy Johnson (rightfully) went into the Hall of Fame last year with a Diamondbacks logo on his cap, it'll be wonderful to get a Mariners great in the Hall wearing that big nautical compass.

Griffey's official induction ceremony in Cooperstown, New York will take place on July 24. For the hardcore fans, the Mariners are already selling Hall of Fame ticket packages. (We're cool just watching it on TV.)

Meanwhile, Edgar Martinez still waits for his long overdo call from the Hall. While it's a joke he's not in already, things are at least trending in a positive direction for the greatest designated hitter of all-time. Edgar received 43.4 percent of the vote this year, up drastically from last year's 27 percent. He's still got a ways to go to crack the 75 percent needed to earn a plaque, but as old voters who hate the very idea of the designated hitter fade away and statistically minded voters take their place, Edgar's odds improve. Get it together, dummies.

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