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For the third year running, Culture Fiend gives you the Christmas week gift of a free Seattle Met Mixtape. Sure, we didn't wrap this collection of some of our favorite new local music from the second half of 2015, but it's the thought that counts.

Seattle Met Mixtape Volume 6 includes four recent Album of the Month honorees (Childbirth, Telekinesis, Bryan John Appleby, and Aqueduct), lots of electronic rock (Beat Connection, Say Hi, and Hibou), quick burst of punk (Wimps and Pony Time), the dream pop of Lemolo, and a dash of soul from Grace Love and the True Loves. (And yes, this edition is severely lacking local hip-hop, but we couldn't get the tunes we wanted cleared.)

If you like these tunes, please follow the links, buy the albums, and support local music.

Click here to download Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 6 or stream (an incomplete version of) it on Spotify.

Track listing:

1. “Time Tells Me” by Pony Time from Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True (Facebook, Twitter)

2. “So Good” by Beat Connection from Product 3 (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

3. “The Fault Line” by Bryan John Appleby from The Narrow Valley (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

4. “Fuel” by Lemolo from Red Right Return (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

5. “Siri, Open Tinder” by Childbirth from Women's Rights (Facebook, Twitter)

6. “When the Season Ends” by Hibou from Hibou (Facebook, Twitter)

7. “Mean To Me” by Grace Love and the True Loves from Grace Love and the True Loves (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

8. “It's A Hunger” by Say Hi from Bleeders Digest (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

9. “Couches” by Wimps from Suitcase (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

10. “Street Fighter” by Aqueduct from Wild Knights (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

11 .“Sleep In” by Telekinesis from Ad Infinitum (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

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