Adele utacpt

Hot take: People like Adele. The vocal powerhouse's new album 25 has been a record-shattering success. It's first album ever sell 3 million albums in a week, outselling the previous record holder—*NSYNC's No Strings Attached—by nearly a million copies. The album's first single "Hello" also became the first song to reach on million downloads in a week. (I haven't run the math, but I'm pretty sure Adele and Taylor Swift now make up 98 percent of all albums sales.)

Seattleites will get their chance to hear superstar's voice bellow throughout KeyArena when she comes to town next July 25 and 26. Tickets for both concerts go on sale this Thursday. Just remember to set aside some money for all the tissues you'll blow through wiping away the Adele-induced tears.

Tickets for Adele at KeyArena go on sale this Thursday, December 17 at 10am via or by phone at 1-877-784-4849. Tickets range from $36–$146.

July 25 & 26, KeyArena, $36–$146

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