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Where to Go This First Thursday: July 2015

Don't miss Gregory Blackstock's meticulously detailed drawings and Davidson Galleries' group show on cryptozoology.

By Seth Sommerfeld July 1, 2015

Lingschiet  wolf deconstruction ukl2ui

Emmy Lingscheit, Wolf Deconstructed, lithograph, 2011, 22 x 28.5 in.

A Curious Bestiary: Chimeras & Cryptozoology from American Printmakers
Davidson Galleries

Davidson Galleries explores the odd side of the animal kingdom by bringing in seven distinct artists for A Curious Bestiary. Marvel at the slightly macabre as the lithographs of Emmy Lingscheit's Animals Deconstructed series take apart critters like fleshy building block with a segmented scientific precision. Investigate new creature dreams as Beauvais Lyons takes a deep dive into cryptozoology (the pseudoscience of bizarre rumored beats) with works depicting imagined racoon crows, giraffe snakes, and more. Opening reception from 6 till 8.

Blackstock   the windmills s2ghz1

Gregory Blackstock, The Windmills, 2014, graphite, colored pencil, and permanent marker on paper, 40.25 x 28.5 in.

Gregory Blackstock
Greg Kucera Gallery

There’s something categorically regimented about Gregory Blackstock’s repetitive drawings. With graphite, colored pencils, and permanent markers, he creates single-sheet diagrams juxtaposing the minor differences between similar creatures and objects, be it a page of candy canes or a chart of leghorn roosters. There’s an expert—borderline obsessive compulsive—attention to detail that showcases childlike wonder and simplicity. Opening reception from 6 till 8.





Foran king yqkm48

Jacob Foran, King, ceramic, 14 x 8 x 10 in.

Bodies and Beings
Abmeyer + Wood

Artists from across the country come together at Abmeyer and Wood to examine the human form (plus a few animals) through sculpture in Bodies and Beings. Between the intricate honeycomb busts of Adrian Arleo's Apiary Twins, the brutal stoneware shackles of Heart Teapot Petrol Hostage by Richard Notkin, and Jacob Foran's majestic Poseidon-evoking King, variety rules at this invitational group show. Opening reception from 5 till 8.





Dipietro chilean memorial construction.hrr enlg3i

Nathan DiPietro, Chilean Memorial Construction, 2015, egg tempera on panel, 23 x 42 in.

Nathan DiPietro: The Structure of Things
Woodside/Braseth Gallery

The conflict between natural beauty and developers comes to the forefront in Nathan DiPietro's egg tempera landscape paintings. Employing a style that almost looks like layered papercut collages, DiPietro shows the human impact on once untouched serene scenes.  Opening reception from 5:30 till 8:30.


American son htbe00

Toby Warren, Panzer, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 72 x 60 in.

Toby Warren: American Son
Glass Box Gallery

Cornish grad Toby Warren practices cultural commentary in vivid pastel colors that can sometimes feel slightly unsettling via contextual presentation. He heads to Glass Box Gallery with his distinctive paintings for a brief two-week display of American Son, which illuminates Warren's childhood memories of growing up in Port Townsend. Opening reception from 7 till 10.

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