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In the spotlight
On the dark stage tonight
Know what they want me to sing
Showered with their adulation
They just want that
icy scene

I’ve won a Tony, was bewitching in Wicked
But this frustration, eating me inside
Sing for the kids, sing for the tweens
Who know your voice from all those Frozen scenes
You’re Broadway trained
But they don’t care
Why don’t they care? 

“Let It Go”? (*sigh*)
Let it go

Can’t fake a smile anymore
“Let It Go”? Let it go
That Disney song’s now a chore
I don’t care what they’re going to say
So sick of that song
Travolta can’t say my name anyway

Drew rave reviews for If/Then, does it matter at all?
Seriously, you should see it, it comes to town this fall. 

I can’t escape.
What can I do?
Near half a billion YouTube views
No rest, no peace
No fancy free
Why me? 

“Let It Go”? (Ugh.)
Let it go
Hear it in public
and I die
“Let It Go”? Let it go
Enough to make
me cry!

What did you think I would say?
So sick of that song…
I do love Elsa,
let the Snow Queen still be crowned
But this fanaticism drove me straight into the ground

Anger so hot that
I could melt this
ice away
Don’t make me scorch you too, just heed me when I say... 

“Let It Go”? (Seriously.) Let it go 
Oh what the hell
did I do wrong?
“Let It Go”? Let it go 
Why can’t you all
move on? 

Each night on stage,
I rue the day
So sick of that song!
Travolta can’t say my name anyway

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