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Hugo House Unveils an Outstanding 2015–16 Season

The center for creative writing outdoes itself with a new reading lineup featuring unmistakable voices in fiction, poetry, and essay.

By Darren Davis July 2, 2015

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Poems from Elaina Ellis loom over the Hugo House crowd. IMAGE: Hugo House

Capitol Hill literary coven Hugo House this week announced its 2015–16 season in a typically quiet fashion, underplaying how lucky Seattle is to have such a resource. The nonprofit writing center, which offers a wealth of workshops, classes and mentorship programs, also acts as a crucial stop for big names in books both regional and visiting. The upcoming season, including the dual marque reading programs Word Works and Hugo Literary Series, is no exception. At Word Works, novelists, essayists, and poets speak to the craft of writing via a specific challenge and/or focus. While the Hugo Literary Series features new work from prominent writers commissioned by the Hugo House staff (this season's prompt is "deconstruct, work against, or follow a cliche").

The new calendar is loaded with some truly standout events. Look out for poet D.A. Powell with the one-two punch of essayist Heidi Julavits and local marvel Sierra Nelson (Feb 12). Then there's Maggie Nelson (BluetsThe Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning), who engages the intellectual and physical with equal intimacy. Her January 28 discussion "The Working Body" is unmissable. 

Word Works: Writers on Writing

Sep 23 Ellen Bass, "Controlled Chaos"
Nov 4 Benjamin Percy, “Blending Genre”
Jan 28 Maggie Nelson, “The Writing Body”
Mar 3 Daniel Handler, “Writing as Burglary”
Apr 28 Kevin Young, “Throwing Your Voice"
May 26 Domingo Martinez, “Fearlessness”

Hugo Literary Series

Sep 11 Dinaw Mengestu, Alissa Nutting, and Sarah Galvin
Nov 20 
Leslie Jamison, Roger Reeves, and Alexis Smith
Feb 12 
D. A. Powell, Heidi Julavits, and Sierra Nelson
Apr 15 
Andrew Sean Greer, Claire Vaye Watkins, and Roberto Ascalon
May 20 
Jenny Offill, Laura van den Berg, Maged Zaher

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