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Where to Go This First Thursday: June 2015

From surreal collage photography to muted Chinese reduction woodcut works, there are many gallery options worth checking out this month.

By Seth Sommerfeld June 3, 2015

The touch up yhwvpq

Jane Hammond, The Touch-Up, 2015, selenium toned silver gelatin print, 16 x 20 in.

Jane Hammond: In the Mind's Eye
Greg Kucera Gallery

Jane Hammond's uniquely skewed perspective arises from her practice of combining silver gelatin photography, collage, and lithography. The resulting surreal scenes are dense with absurdity and social commentary. In the Mind's Eye displays a collection of these photographs and some of Hammond's comparatively less bizarre works on paper.

Opening reception from 6 till 8. Artist talk on Saturday, June 6 at noon.

Norwood viviano mining industries traver onhof9

Norwood Viviano, Mining Industries: Downtown Seattle, rapid prototyped pattern kiln-cast glass and fabricated steel, 38 x 14.25 x 17.5 in.

Parallel Frequencies
Traver Gallery

Tucked away in the greenery of Stanwood, Washington, the Pilchuck Glass School offers a creative escape for a handful of innovative artists every year via its Hauberg Fellowship. And now that the 2014 fellowship recipients' residencies are done, they’re trekking out of the woods to Seattle’s Traver Gallery, where they’ll show off their intricate sculptural, glassblowing, and engraving works.

Opening reception from 5 till 8.



Zha sai mist vwkotb

Zha Sai, Mist, reduction woodcut, 24 x 27.5 in.

Zha Sai: Reflections
Davidson Galleries

There's an element of the circle of life in Zha Sai's elegant reduction woodcut works. Wood begets the woods as Chinese artist captures stunning depictions of natural spirit of her hometown of Wuhan through intricate carvings. The subtle shifts in the pieces' muted color palate showcase each step in the detailed process.

First Thursday reception from 6 till 8. Artist talk on Saturday, June 6 at noon. Artist demo on Saturday, June 6 from 4 till 6 at Pratt Fine Arts Center.


Mark warren jacques flatcolor c0dkul

Mark Warren Jacobs from Looking at You, Looking at Me.

Mark Warren Jacques: Looking at You, Looking at Me
Flatcolor Gallery

The geometric precision and bold color patterns of Mark Warren Jacques's paintings evoke another realm of existence than the one we experience; one that's simple, pure, and infinite. Through these bold creations, Jacques attempts to communicate the impalpable feeling of being reciprocally watched by a power higher than yourself (be it nature, God, or something else) in his solo exhibit Looking at You, Looking at Me.

Opening reception from 5 till 9.


Bill finger voyager oio6ok

Bill Finger, Desert, Night,  2015, photograph, 5 x 5 in.

Bill Finger: Voyager
Punch Gallery

Get lost in Bill Finger's  new exhibit Voyager. No really, that's the artist's intent. Voyager attempts to recreate the freedom and beauty of getting lost on purpose through photos of Finger's meticulously crafted miniature worlds. While the actual sets might be tiny, they manage to convey a sweeping sense of contemplative escapism.

Opening reception from 5 till 8.

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