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The Top Things to Do This Weekend: June 12–14

A play about "the Whole Foods" of porn, the Golden Age of Animation at EMP, and the Seattle International Dance Festival kicks off.

By Seattle Met Staff June 11, 2015

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Two weeks of performances featuring companies from around the world at the Seattle International Dance Festival

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June 5–28
When Egyptian Americans Leila and Rashid hit a snag in their relationship, they try to spice things up with a menage a trois. But in local playwright Yussef El Guindi’s new work, what starts as a comedic farce soon transitions into an exploration of modern cultural tensions, sexual politics, and female oppression. ACT Theatre, $20

June 9–July 3

Poor Billy Pilgrim. The protagonist of Slaughterhouse-Five must deal with all the horrors of war and posttraumatic stress disorder in darkly comedic fashion when he becomes unstuck from time and travels between New York, a firebombed Dresden, and the alien planet of Tralfamadore. But lucky us, because Book-It Repertory Theatre closes out its season with an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s most acclaimed novel. The Center Theatre, $25

June 10–29
Can pornography be morally clean? Matt Barnes attempts to prove it can be when he quits his job as an investment banker to create “the Whole Foods of porn”: a liberal, ethical feminist organization that donates profits to charity. But as the characters in Andrew Hinderaker’s latest play soon discover, it’s hard for intentions to stay pure when everything revolves around money and sex. Washington Ensemble Theatre, $25–$30


Sat, June 13
What’s Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones
Prodigious artist, animator, and director Chuck Jones’s work has long been inducted into our pop culture consciousness. He did not so much contribute to the Golden Age of Animation as he did create the Golden Age of Animation. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepé Le Pew, Wile E. Coyote, and the Road Runner are just a few characters that leapt from Jones’s mind to the page and screen—all of which are explored in EMP’s celebration of the artistic mastermind, including original sketchbooks, story boards, and nearly a dozen of Jones’s most beloved animated films. EMP Museum, $22


Thu, June 11
Judy Blume
Judy Blume is the author of some of the most popular (and critically challenged) works of young adult fiction, including Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. She discusses her career with Nancy Pearl, swinging back around to her most recent work, In the Unlikely EventTown Hall, $40–$75


June 12–27
Seattle International Dance Festival
South Lake Unions hosts two weeks of dance performances featuring companies from around the world, including Hong Kong, Mexico, and Venezuela, alongside favorite local talent. The diverse lineup features contemporary ballet, late-night cabaret style showings, politically charged personal expression, and outdoor family activities. Various Locations, $35–$80


Thu, June 11
Sufjan Stevens
Five years since the release of The Age of Adz, eclectic indie folkster Sufjan Stevens is ready to make his full-length return with Carrie and Lowell (out March 31). From all indications, the album looks to return to the folky singer-songwriter roots that earned him acclaim on Illinois and Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes StateParamount Theatre, $38

Thu, June 11
The Summer Cannibals 
Summer Cannibals plays with a fuzzy fury that fits in with its fellow Portland rock misfits. On its latest album, Show Us Your Mind, front woman Jessica Boudreaux's lyrical delivery falls somewhere between aggressive angst and an over-it eye roll. The band heads to the Lo-Fi with Detective Agency and Sir Coyler and His Asthmatic Band. The Lo-Fi, $7–$8

Sat, June 13
The Heavenly States
While everyone has their own obscure favorites (and the phrasing is undeniably cliche), the Heavenly States is the best band you've probably never heard. With its genre-spanning stylistic diversity and criminally catchy songwriting, the band's 2008 album Delayer is just about as close to perfect as rock records get. The Heavenly States decided to get superambitious (or superinsular depending on your perspective) with its new triple-LP Hiss, which is only available on vinyl. While the distribution model might ensure the "probably never heard of it" status, don't miss the Heavenly States making a rare touring appearance at the Crocodile's back bar. The Crocodile, $10


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