Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode on 'Conan'

Seattle's favorite mercurial running back dives into Skittles, discusses the Super Bowl, and grabs his "ding-ding" on late night TV.

By Seth Sommerfeld June 30, 2015

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Marshawn Lynch in his natural environment.

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Perhaps instead of forcing Marshawn Lynch to do press conferences, the National Football League should just book him as a talk show guest after each game. He seems much more at ease in that setting. To promote his upcoming appearance in the blockbuster video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III (a thing that is totally happening), Lynch swung by Conan last night for a highly entertaining interview. The star Seahawks running back had previously appeared in a pre-Super Bowl edition of Conan's "Clueless Gamer" segment, where he played Mortal Combat X with Conan O'Brien and Rob Gronkowski.

Having previously developed a rapport, O'Brien started the conversation by chatting about Lynch's propensity for being fined, spawning the never before spoken line: "I done got in a lot of trouble for grabbing my ding-ding."

O'Brien then segued into a discussion about the origins of the Beast Mode nickname, the Beat Mode-ness of Conan's hair, and the people Lynch has inspired to bring out their inner-Beast Mode. It's clear he has not taken the deep dive into Seattle's coffee culture considering his proclivity for the "mocha low-tow."

Lynch seemed at peace when asked about not not getting the ball at the end of the last Super Bowl.

The world was exposed to the glory that is Lynch's local ad for Beacon Plumbing (which apparently he'd never seen before).

To cap things off, Lynch did his signature crotch grab leap into an "end zone" full of Skittles. Because of course he did.

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