Don't miss the Physics releasing its new EP Wish You Were Here at Neumos.

Wed, May 27
Speedy Ortiz
Having just released their new LP back in April, Foil Deer, Speedy Ortiz is back with increasingly intricate, electronic infused, pop-polished modern indie [girl] rock tracks which also echo sentimantal 90's era grit. The first few tracks reveal Sadie Dupuis's (the lead singer, songwriter, and general force of nature behind the band) nothing-held-back yet simontaneously refined musical and intellectual prowess. The first line of the chorus from the new LP's "Raising the Skate" says it all: "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss." Barboza, $13

Fri, May 29
KEXP's Hood-to-Hood Day
KEXP's annual neighborhood fundraising battle culminates on Hood-to-Hood Day with a live broadcast and free concert from the victorious hood. This year West Seattle claimed the crown, so Alaska Junction will be graced by John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (before the band's sold out Showbox concert that night), Telekinesis, Miami Horror, and Hope Along. It's worth calling in sick to work to see the Mountain Goats for free. Alaska Junction in West Seattle, Free

Fri, May 29
The Physics: 'Wish You Were Here' Release Show
With critical acclaim and plenty of fan support, the Physics has become a quintessential Seattle group. Just in time for the beginning of Seattle's reenergizing summer months—the season where Thig Nat's smooth rhymes and Justo's dreamy beats R&B-inspired beats perfectly fit the prevailing feel-good vibes—the Physics debuts its new EP Wish You Were Here at Neumos. Don't wish you had been there, make it happen. Neumos, $12

Thru May 30
14/48: Mixtape
While the 14/48 theater festival offers a thrill burst of creation each year when it turns out 14 plays in 48 hours, most never see the stage again; 14/48: Mixtape remedies that, as each of the show's four days features a different director curating seven of their favorite short plays from festivals past. That means the option exists to take in 28 plays over Mixtape's two weekends. Really, each production is more of greatest hits album rather than a mixtape. 12th Avenue Arts, $20–$25

May 30—June 1
I Think You're Totally Wrong
Actor and aspiring indie film director James Franco's adaptation of the recently published book I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel will pit Seattle author and UW professor David Shields against his former student Caleb Powell in an extended conversation over life, art, and how to fold one into the other. Stick around after each screening for a Q&A with Shields and Powell. Hugo House, $7

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