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The Top Things to See or Do in Seattle: February 2015

Sherman Alexie helps SAL celebrate, Cinderella dances onto the Paramount stage, and spontaneity reigns at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater.

By Seth Sommerfeld February 2, 2015 Published in the February 2015 issue of Seattle Met

Kocks Rocks

The large-scale paper creations of German artist Andreas Kocks are overwhelming, wall-covering, three-dimensional bursts of action. The walls almost seem to be violently tearing themselves apart at a molecular level. Employing lines reminiscent of paintbrush strokes, the layered pieces in his exhibit the First Round capture both a sense of structured architectural dimensionality and freeform chaos.

Thru Feb 25
  Winston Wächter, ­



Poetry Party

Whether or not he has a new book, it’s always an event when Sherman Alexie reads his poetry. But his Seattle Arts and Lectures’ February affair is extra special. The reading celebrates the 15th anniversary of SAL’s poetry series, which over the years has welcomed luminary talents Adrienne Rich, Billy Collins, and Sharon Olds. And just to bring things full circle, the precursor to the poetry series (which occurred a year prior to its debut) also featured a familiar face: Sherman Alexie.

Feb 4 
   Town Hall,


The Slipper Still Fits

Long before NBC revived the televised musical with The Sound of Music and Peter Pan, Rodgers and Hammerstein debuted their sole contribution to the genre, Cinderella, on CBS in 1957. Flipping the standard stage-to-screen path, the duo’s version was revived on Broadway in 2013, and now Cinderella takes a ride in her pumpkin carriage to the Paramount stage this month. Don’t worry, the show ends before midnight.

Feb 24–Mar 1 
  Paramount Theatre,


“Women are like puzzles because prior to 1920 neither had the right to vote. Puzzles still don’t.”

—Bo Burnham

Since the clever, comedic songs he recorded in his bedroom made him a YouTube teen sensation, the 24-year-old has successfully worked to become a legitimate standup comic. His most recent special, What., is metacomedy at its finest. 

Feb 25    Moore Theatre,





Cirque du Aussie

It doesn’t feature any high-flying kangaroos or a ringmaster placing his head inside the mouth of a wild koala, but Australia’s Circus Oz provides more than its share of big-top thrills. The company’s latest show, But Wait… There’s More, combines punchy comedic satire, live music, and dazzling acrobatics in a madcap extravaganza that all ages can enjoy.

Feb 5–8
  Moore Theatre,


Made-Up Nonsense

Every improv show is a one-time-only event, and that impermanence lends the medium its thrill. At the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, each twist and turn is spontaneous and unexpected (even for the performers). More than 30 top troupes from around the country (and Canada) create comedy out of thin air for 12 electrifying and wholly unique performances over five nights.

Feb 18–22
    Jet City Improv,

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