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Cheap Week Seattle: February 16–22

Colleen Green for no green, new sounds from the Grizzled Mighty, and Seattle's biggest improv weekend: The best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Darren Davis February 16, 2015

Colleen Green brings her infectious pop rock to Sonic Boom for a free in-store performance.

Tue, Feb 17
Gregory Alan Isakov with the Seattle Symphony
Singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov crafts wistful, hypnotic soundscapes with hints of Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen's influence. Born in Johannesburg and raised in Philadelphia, Isakov’s wanderlust brings him to Benaroya Hall for one-night-only in concert with the Seattle Symphony. Benaroya Hall, $20–$75.

Feb 18–22
Seattle Festival of Improv Theater
Every improv show is a one-time-only event, and that impermanence lends the medium its thrill. At the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, each twist and turn is spontaneous and unexpected (even for the performers). More than 30 top troupes from around the country (and Canada) create comedy out of thin air for 12 electrifying and wholly unique performances over five nights. Jet City Improv, $18.

Thur, Feb 19
Colleen Green: Sonic Boom In-Store
While still a stoner rock queen at heart, Colleen Green gets more introspective on her latest Hardly Art album I Want to Grow Up. Her infectious guitar and drum machine pop rock shifts its focus from the love songs of the fabulous Sock It to Me to catchy self-reflections on adulthood. Growing up can be a bummer, but Green helps it go down smooth (with a little attitude). She heads to Sonic Boom for a free in-store performance before moseying the short distance over to Sunset Tavern for a concert with Sonny and the Sunsets and Wimps. Sonic Boom, free.

Feb 20–March 9
From Live Girls! Theatre comes Blood/Water/Paint, a retelling of the life of Artemisia Gentileschi, the Italian Baroque painter whose accomplishments as a creative influence were muted by the gender norms of her time. Directed by Amy Poisson, the play spans Gentileschi's professional life, from her time as a teenage apprentice to a master painter and mother, teaching her own daughter how to find a voice through the canvas. Theatre Off Jackson, $18–$22.

Sat, Feb 21
The Grizzled Mighty: Closed Knuckle Jaw Release Show
The blues rock answer to power duos like Sleigh Bells, Cults, and Sylvan Esso, the Grizzled Mighty's primary conceit is powerful electric guitar, heavy drums, and wailing vocals. While calling their new album Closed Knuckle Jaw polished would accurately describe Ryan Granger's clean, confident riffing, their music still feels greasy in the best possible way. Neumos, $12.

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