Chastity Belt joins Kithkin, Tacocat, and more local acts to close out Chop Suey on Sunday.

Mon, Jan 12
Third Coast Percussion
Chicago-based Third Coast Percussion exists somewhere in a shared space between classic musicianship, street corner drum circle, and digital media. The quartet's Town Hall appearance hits each of those notes (no pun intended) in a bill that includes heavy metal recordings accompanied by live percussion, a Tiananmen Square commemorative piece, and guest cellist Joshua Roman. Town Hall, $20.

Jan 16–Feb 1
The Piano Lesson
Legacy is a loaded word. While it can carry great achievements, it also harbors the scars of history. August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize–winning The Piano Lesson is an exploration of legacy, as two siblings quarrel over whether to keep their antique piano in the family or sell it to buy the land that their ancestors once worked on as slaves. Seattle Repertory Theatre, $16–$62.

Sat, Jan 17
School of Rock: Dead Kennedys
The thought of a prepubescent pack of tiny Jello Biafras running around is mildly terrifying, but seeing the youthful energy of the School of Rock kids channeled into the tunes of legendary East Bay hardcore punks Dead Kennedys should be a riot. Chop Suey, $12–$15.

Sun, Jan 18
Another One Bites the Dust!
Chop Suey's end is nigh. A fixture in the local music and performance scene, the Capitol Hill venue shuts down operations (at least for now) on January 20. But it just wouldn't be right for a place that's housed so much noise to go out with a whimper, and Chop Suey has no intention of doing so. The venue says goodbye with one final local music hurrah in the form of an impromptu mini-festival entitled Another One Bites the Dust!. The lineup includes a collection of Seattle's finest rabblerousers: Tacocat, Kithkin, Chastity Belt, Wimps, Pony Time, Childbirth, Universe People, Deep Creep, Sashay, and more. Chop Suey, $5–$10.

Sun, Jan 18
Carolyn Kizer Celebration
Poet Carolyn Kizer’s prose is woven into the fabric of literary feminism in the Pacific Northwest. The Spokane native and UW grad won a Pulitzer Prize for 1985’s Yin and helped nurture other female voices in the region. The Hugo House honors the recently deceased author with a special, free night of readings. Hugo House, free.

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