In terms of dance variety in a single performance, it's always hard to top PNB Director's Choice.


Nov 7–16
PNB Director's Choice
Narrative ballets have their place, but Director’s Choice is the most exciting program of the PNB season. The diversity of works performed truly displays the dancers’ prowess. This year’s lineup features a world premiere by rising New York choreographer Justin Peck, A Million Kisses to My Skin’s ode to dance ecstasy, Rassemblement and its Haitian voodoo slave songs, and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s examination of an ending relationship, Before After. McCaw Hall, $30–$177.

Nov 7–9
The Three Yells: Moon Falling
Cornish alum Veronica Lee Baik and her company The Three Yells combine Western avant-garde dance with Asian aesthetics to tell the harrowing tale of humanity's impact on itself and the planet. Moon Falling aims to create a visceral reaction with the audience as they watch dancers unravel before their eyes, a metaphor for the destructive course of humanity. Velocity Dance Center, $20.

Nov 9–16
Music of Remembrance: Transfigured Night
There are two distinctly contrasting ways to see Transfigured Night, a physical interpretation of Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht choreographed by Donald Byrd. At Benaroya Hall the dancers are backed by a string sextet, while the following weekend's performances at Spectrum Dance Theater trade live musical backing for a much more intimate view of the movements. Benaroya Hall, $30–$40.


Thur, Nov 6
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett is a beautiful relic from a bygone era, but he doesn’t coast on his cache of goodwill and nostalgia. The 88-year-old crooner still brings youth- ful vigor each time he takes the stage and weaves enchanting stories between each timeless big band tune. Paramount Theatre, $50–$75.

Fri, Nov 7
Relient K
Canton, Ohio’s Relient K began as a Christian rock band heavy on the holiness, but the pure pop rock glory of the band’s 2004 record Mmmhmm can be appreciated by believers and nonbelievers alike. The band celebrates Mmmhmm’s 10th anniversary with a tour highlighting the album. It won’t be a religious experience, but it should be a blast. Neptune Theatre, sold out.

Sat, Nov 8
Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs the Police
Every little thing the Seattle Rock Orchestra does is magic, and that’s especially the case when it takes on the catalog of the Police. How will the strings jazz up bouncy hits like “Message in a Bottle” or provide sweeping emotion to “Every Breath You Take”? Moreover, which local singers will step up to act as pseudo- Sting? Moore Theatre, $23.


Thur, Nov 6
Ampersand Goes Totally Live
Forterra's Ampersand magazine transforms into a live, unrehearsed stage production to celebrate the people and places of Washington. Hosted by chef and author Amy Pennington, the night features performances by rapper Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars, TEAGUE’s award-winning bike designer Roger Jackson, Chef Daisley Gordon of Café Campagne, nature photographer Paul Bannick, and public radio storytellers BirdNote. Town Hall, $8.

Fri, Nov 7
Matthea Harvey
It makes sense that Matthea Harvey would have a reading at a visually stunning locale like Chihuly Garden and Glass. The acclaimed poet not only has a knack for tapping into dark places with her words, she also has a distinct aesthetic. Her latest book, If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?, places Harvey’s linguistic skills alongside her own haunting artwork. Chihuly Garden and Glass, $15–$50.


Fri & Sat, Nov 7 & 8
Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend
The woman responsible for James Frey brings the Life You Want Weekend tour to town, where she’ll Oprah about how Oprah Oprahed her way to becoming Oprah. Oprah! KeyArena, $199–$599.


Thru Nov 30
Seattle International Comedy Competition
What’s the secret to the consistency of the Seattle International Comedy Competition? Brevity. The standup comedians go through rounds of vetting before ever taking the stage to compete, and when they do they only get five- or 10-minute sets (until the finals), so they’re forced to do their best material. Various venues, $10–$75.


Sat, Nov 8
Radim Zenkl with the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra
Renowned Czech mandolinist Radim Zenkl has built quite an impressive resume teaching and performing his instrument around the world. Now he is joined by the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra for special concert featuring works by Bach, Respighi, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and shorter selections. Zenkl is featured as a soloist not only on the mandolin, Irish whistle and didgeridoo. Broadway Performance Hall, $20.

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