Hiroshi Yamano, From East to West: Scene of Japan #177, 2014, blown, sculpted and cast glass with silver leaf engraving, drawing, and metal plating, 14.5 x 23 x 8.75 in.

Because legions of Seahawks fans will be descending on Pioneer Square tomorrow for the opening game of the NFL season, the free concerts, and the general festive atmosphere, First Thursday for September has become First Friday. Adjust your artistic clocks accordingly.

Hiroshi Yamano: Scene of Japan
Traver Gallery

Japanese-born artist Hiroshi Yamano's intricate creations extend beyond simple glass blowing by incorporating metal painting, drawing, and engraving. In his Scene of Japan series, he explores the seasonal beauty of his native land with sculptures of birds perched on nearly bare branches with sparse cherry blossoms blooming. The works manage to convey both the desolation of winter and the hope of spring. Opening reception at 5.

Lauren Grossman's sculpture.

Lauren Grossman: Ghost Variations
Platform Gallery

The sculptural creations that spring out of Lauren Grossman’s mind are fascinatingly freaky and fractured. The UW grad’s latest collection of gnarled glass and metal works, Ghost Variations, provides bizarrely beautiful exploration on life’s final moments and the idea of “giving up the ghost.” Artist reception at 6.

Gabe Fernandez, Laundry Service, 2014, oil on canvas, 38 x 46 in.

Sally Cleveland and Gabe Fernandez
Linda Hodges Gallery

Two Oregonian painters share the spotlight at Linda Hodges Gallery: Sally Cleveland captures views of Oregon—both urban bustle and quiet countryside—in a beautifully blurry impressionistic style; Gabe Fernandez’s sharper, strikingly realistic lines convey Portland staples like vintage record players and Powell’s Books. Artist reception at 6.

Ring of Fire, 2014, lamps, steel and arduinos.

SuttonBeresCuller: You Knew It Was Wrong... But You Did It Anyway
Greg Kucera Gallery

Former Cornish buddies John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler have collaborated as SuttonBeresCuller since 2000 and continue to push each other in fresh creative directions. The trio’s latest display at Greg Kucera Gallery features the flickering and crackling lamp sculpture collage Ring of Fire and new bronzes and drawings. Artist reception at 6.

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