Image courtesy Jerry Donovan


1. How do you feel about wind-based recreation?

•  It’s like flying without leaving the ground. (10)
•  As long as there’s no rain, I’m down. (5)
•  I have a Christian Bale–in–American Hustle–style comb-over. (–10)

2. When did you get your first stunt kite?

•  I’ve never had one, but I can still appreciate the skill that it takes to perform tricks with a kite. (5)
•  I was 15, and I got it from Prism Kite Technology, which is based right here in Seattle. (10)
•  Doesn’t seem like a kite would be strong enough to hold your body weight for stunt work. (–5)

3. Name the vertical force that makes a kite fly.

•  Lift (5)
•  Magic (20)

4. Why did East Germany ban large kites during the Cold War?

•  It was believed they could be used to smuggle people over the Berlin Wall. (10)
•  Well, it was East Germany. Things kinda sucked there. (5)
•  Out of deference to Hitler, who had an irrational fear of any string-based toys, including yo-yos and tetherball poles (0)

5. Where in Seattle do you like to fly your kites?

•  Kite Hill, in Magnuson Park (10)
•  Alki Beach (10)
•  I don’t have a kite, but now I know where to go to steal one. Thanks! (–20)

6. Which of these songs do you like the most?

•  “I Wanna Get High” by Cypress Hill (5)
•  “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty (–5)
•  “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band (–10)

7. In The Kite Runner, what was the thematic significance of main character Amir discovering in adulthood that not only had his childhood friend Hassan been murdered, but that Hassan was actually his half brother.

•  Guilt (5)
•  WTF. Spoiler alert! (–5)

8. Lawrence Hargrave—one of the first inductees into the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington—is most famous for what?

•  Inventing the box kite in 1893 (10)
•  Flying a kite for 47 straight hours in 1964 (–5)
•  Directing a direct-to-DVD film in 1999—about twenty- and thirtysomething flyers who cope with their fear of mortality by gathering on secluded beaches and challenging one another to airborne duels—called Kite Club (–10)

9. Did you know that along with using a kite to prove lightning is electric, Benjamin Franklin may have also invented kite surfing?

•  Shut up. No. (0)
•  Yes! In a letter to a friend he wrote that he used a kite to cross a pond “without the least fatigue and with the greatest pleasure imaginable.” (10)

10. Finish this classic idiom: “Go fly a ____.”

•  Kite (10)
•  Plane (–10)
•  Sandwich. Wait, what was the question? (–20)