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Macklemore Confronts the Fame Monster in Fences' "Arrows" Video

The MC expresses the pressures of success in the new "Made in Seattle" clip.

By Seth Sommerfeld August 11, 2014

The "Arrows" video takes shots at Macklemore. Literally.

After unveiling the collaborative track "Arrows" a few weeks back, Seattleites Fences, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis have now delivered a music video for the song. The video finds Fences and Macklemore being pelted with the titular weapons as they express personal struggles. While Fences verse touches on father issues and relationships, Macklemore's contribution is all about the pressures involved with his swift rise to the top of the music world. The video depicts Macklemore as an animal caged by fame and places him on a high dive above his Rolling Stone covers. They're not the most subtle metaphors, but you get the (sharp, triangular) point (and even if you count yourself among the Macklemore haters, you can probably enjoy watching the MC get shot by arrows).

The video ends proudly boasting how it's "Made in Seattle," and that extends beyond the musicians. Local director John Keatley delivers some beautiful cinematography that's alive with rich colors. "Arrows" is the lead single from Fences' upcoming second LP Lesser Oceans, which arrives on October 14.

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