Anyone who has wandered through an art museum has likely played a quick round of fantasy curator in their mind. Why is this painting there? Who decided this was good enough to hang? What type of painting could be added here to improve the space? Alas, being an actual museum curator usually requires art degrees and a lifetime of dedication few possess. But now, the Frye Art Museum is handing the curatorial reins over to you. Yes, you.

In an effort to give that power to the people, Frye is letting the public choose which of the 232 paintings in the Frye's Founding Collection will be on display this fall for its #SocialMedium exhibit. The crowd-curation is currently taking place on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr, and the Frye website. The works with the most likes and ♥s across all platforms will be displayed from the end of September through the start of January. Additionally, the names of the digital curators will accompany the paintings, along with select comments about the art from the various social media sites. Don't sleep on your chance to curate the Frye's walls, as voting closes this Friday, August 22.

Sept 27–Jan 4, 2015, Frye Art Museum, Free

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