Need some new tunes for the summer? The latest Seattle Met Mixtape is here to help. Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 3 rounds up some of our favorite new local music from the first half of 2014 and delivers it to you for free.

 The third installment features the first five of our Album of the Month artists for 2014: Tacocat, Kris Orlowski, Iska Dhaaf, Dude York, and Kairos. Additionally, we've got hip-hop from Chimurenga Renaissance, Dave B and Justo, and Grynch, the otherworldly electronic workings of Vox Mod, and various brands of keen indie rock from Posse, Kithkin, Cataldo, and Benjamin Verdoes.

If you like these tunes, please follow the links, buy the albums, and support local music.

Click here to download Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 3.

Track listing:

1. "All the Kids" by Iska Dhaaf from Even the Sun Will Burn (Facebook)

2. "Fallen Giants" by Kithkin from Rituals, Trances, and Ecstasies for Humans in Face of the Collapse (Facebook, Twitter)

3. "The Beast" by Cataldo from Gilded Oldies (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

4. "Crimson Wave" by Tacocat from NVM (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

5. "The B.A.D. Is So Good" by Chimurenga Renaissance from riZe vadZimu riZe (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

6. "Cannibal" by Dude York from Dehumanize (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

7. "Icycles" by Vox Mod from The Great Oscillator (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

8. "Sister" by Kairos from Kairos EP (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

9. "I Can Try" by Grynch from Street Lights (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

10. "Believer" by Kris Orlowski from Believer (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

11. "He Got Game" by Dave B and Justo from School Daze (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

12. "Unknown Fears" by Benjamin Verdoes from The Evil Eye (Twitter)

13. "2U" by Posse from Soft Opening (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

Note: Some songs contains profanity.

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