Memorial Day weekend is upon us, so it's time once again for an exodus of Seattleites to the Gorge for Sasquatch! Music Festival. Even for the most knowlegable music fans can feel overwhelmed looking at the fest schedule and trying to decide who to see, so here are a few tips and full schedule picks to make the most of your Sasquatch! 2014 experience.

Don't Miss These 5 Acts

Outkast (Friday at 10:40, Sasquatch) - After eight years of Big Boi and André 3000 doing their own things, Outkast finally reunited at Coachella this year… and immediately flopped. In front of thousands in the California desert and many more streaming the performance online, hip-hop's premiere duo were off their game. André 3000 seemed like he didn't want to be there at all and too many guest performances killed the set's flow. Thankfully, reports from following Outkast shows (including Coachella's second weekend) have been much more positive. Hopefully they'll bring their A game to the Gorge when they run through hits like "Hey Ya!," "Ms. Jackson," "The Way You Move," and more.

Deafheaven (Saturday at 6:35, Yeti) - Despite basing its music around a mix of shoegaze and black metal, the soundscapes Deafheaven creates are inviting and accessible. The instrumental layers flow in waves that are heavy and brutal, but never feels brutal or taxing because it avoids traditional showy shredding and has a deeply-buried artful sense of melody. 

M.I.A. (Saturday at 8:45, Sasquatch) - The last time Sri Lankan hip-hop superstar M.I.A. took the Sasquatch! stage, she invited fans on stage for a chaotic, somewhat anarchistic dance fest. She thrives on unpredictably and she still raps with anger and enthusiasm that few other MCs can touch. You never know if she's about to start a party or start a riot.

Waxahatchee (Sunday at 7:55, Yeti) - Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) sings with a delicate fragility, but she's no pushover. The emotional grit the singer-songwriter displays 2013’s superb Cerulean Salt, makes it clear that even at her lowest she won't take any guff. Breathe in her southern sorrow like the warm summer air.

Kid Cudi (Sunday at 8:45, Sasquatch) - Kid Cudi kills it at festivals, in a way other rappers can't touch. Quite simply, he gets it. He doesn't place himself above the audience, he makes it feel like he's part of the throng looking to have a blast. His  elevates to another in front of these audiences. He’s far from the biggest MC in the rap game, but the swagger and stage presence he displays at places like Sasquatch! make you wonder if he should be.

Choose Your Own Crossover Schedule Conflict Adventure

It's inevitable at every festival that there has to be some agonizing scheduling where two (or three) amazing acts are playing at the same time. This weekend's hardest calls come Sunday evening. In a three hour span there are overlapping sets by Kid Cudi, Bob Mould, HAIM, Waxahatchee, Parquet Courts, Rodrigez, and Big Freeda. This leaves two options: 1) Get your running shoes on and sample bite sized audio chunks of each. 2) Prepare to make some tough decisions.

Sunscreen and Water

Slather on the former and drink the later. Don't be a dummy.

Have a Laugh

Yes, Sasqutch! is a music fest first, but don't skip over the comedy offerings in the El Chupacabra tent. Not only is the lineup stacked, but it offers a comparatively relaxing, quieter change of pace. Highlights include Bob's Burgers' Eugene Mirman honing his oddball humor in preparation for taping his new special in Seattle next month, the completely unpredictable (and possibly illegal) energetic bursts of Eric Andre, Demetri Matin's highbrow deadpan humor, and Hannibal Buress, who might just be the best current standup comic not named Louis C.K.

To Local or Not to Local?

The Sasquatch! lineup is always loaded with the best Seattle bands, and this year is more loaded then ever after locals scheduled to play the canceled Fourth of July Sasquatch! weekend are now on this bill. Included in the lot includes six (six!) Seattle Met Album of the Month honorees (the Physics, Iska Dhaaf, Dude York, Shelby Earl, Tacocat, and La Luz), plus stellar acts like Damien Jurado, Chastity Belt, Kithkin, Pollens, Augustines, and the Lonely Forrest. If you're the type who doesn't make it out to a lot of local shows, dive in head first and see all the Seattle music you've been missing. But if you're the type who already has seen these locals many times, don't feel ashamed to explore music outside our Northwest nook if a cool act happens to be playing at the same time. Just make it up to said bands by going to their next show in town.

Here are our full Sasquatch! Festival 2014 schedule picks:


1–1:45 - Iska Dhaaf
2–2:45 - Kithkin
3:10–4:10 - De La Soul
4:45–5:30 - Eugene Mirman
5:30–6:15 - Chance the Rapper
8–9 - Phantogram
9:15–10:30 - Damien Jurado
10:40–12:30am - Outkast


1–1:45 - Willy Mason
2:05–2:50 - Augustines
3–3:45 - Dude York
3:45–4:30 - Eric Andre
4:30–5:30 - City and Colour
5:50–6:50 - Violet Femmes
6:35–7:45 - Deafheaven
7:15–8:15 - Neko Case
8:45–10 - M.I.A.
10:50–12:30am - The National


1–1:45 - Tacocat
2:05–2:50 - Brody Dalle
3:10–4:10 - Tune-Yards
4:45–5:30 - Hannibal Buress
6:05–6:60 - Demetri Martin
6:55–7:55 - Bob Mould
7:55–8:55 - Waxahatchee
8:45–10 - Kid Cudi
10–11 - Portugal. the Man
11–12:30am - Queens of the Stone Age

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014
May 23–25, Gorge Amphitheatre, Sold Out

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