I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Seattle likes their Seahawks. An estimated 700,000 fans turned out yesterday to see the parade celebrating the franchise's first Super Bowl title and the city's first major professional sports championship since the 1978-79 SuperSonics (R.I.P.). The scene was pure pandemonium and jubaliation. Many of our Seattle Met staffers were on hand to take in the scene, so we thought we'd share images we snapped and some of our favorites from around the Internet.

First off, here's a collection Seattle Met staffers' photos of the festivities:

Fans bundled up and waited hours for the parade to begin...

...they brought their flags...

...they brought their pennants...

Image: Chuck Kerr

...they packed the streets...

...and even crowded rooftops.

When the parade finally began, vehicles carrying Seahawks rolled down 4th Ave...

...and the iPhone cameras came out en masse.

Crafty fans managed to get a better view from the back with ladders.

A tiny Seahawks fan started her own chant.

The view of the parade route from above.

Appropriately, the Seahawks even took to the skies.

Almost as crazy as the festivities was trying to get to them. The lines for ferries (like this West Seattle one) ran hundreds deep.

Trying to get a cup of coffee at a Starbucks near the parade route was a futile effort

Here's some prime Seahawks celebratory craziness we found around the web:

The chaos from overhead...

...outside CenturyLink...

...and the "Seahawkalypse" at ground level.

Marshawn Lynch tossing handfuls of Skittles to the fans...

...and getting a non-Skittles pick me up via a fan's bottle of Fireball.

The saddest fan in attendance.

Golden Tate takes his turn as the 12th Man.

The Lombardi Trophy making it's way to CenturyLink.

Quite simply the champs.

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