It's the season for giving, so what better time to release the second edition of the Seattle Met Mixtape? Picking up where our first mixtape left off, Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 2 encapsulates some of our favorite new local music from the second half of 2013.

The mixtape features the past four Album of the Month artists—Mansions, La Luz, Andy Fitts, and the Trouble Starts—and a previous honoree in XVIII Eyes. We've also included a new song from My Goodness's upcoming album Shiver + Shake, some local hip hop from Sol and the Phyics, the folky melodicism of Valley Maker, and a track from indie pop trio Cumulus.

If you like these tunes, follow the links, buy the albums, go to a show or two, and support local music.

Click here to download Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 2.

Track listing:

1. "Climbers" by Mansions from Doom Loop (Official websiteFacebook, Twitter)

2. "Tomorrow" by Sol from Eyes Open (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

3. "Pink Slime" by La Luz from It's Alive (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

4. "Knuckles Down" by Andy Fitts from Smoky Wilds (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

5. "Back Again" by My Goodness from Shiver + Shake (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

6. "Hey Love" by Cumulus from I Never Meant It To Be Like This (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

7. "On My Mind (feat. Stay Hi Bros.)" by the Physics from Digital Wildlife (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

8. "By My Side (Everlasting Life)" by Valley Maker from Yes I Know I've Loved This World (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

9. "I'll Keep You" by XVIII Eyes from I'll Keep You (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

10. "Golden Silver" by the Trouble Starts from East (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

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