The Frye.

Nothing cheers up an arts organization like an influx of funds. When those funds are committed to nurture local talent, it's even better. Last week the Frye Art Museum | Artist Trust Consortium received a $1.1 million grant from the Raynier Institute and Foundation to help support emerging local artists. As part of a five-year initiative, Artist Trust will provide grants to Washington artists and the Frye will give these artists space to display their works.

Artist Trust will allocate the funds via the James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award and the James W. Ray Venture Project Award. The awards are targeted at providing Washington State artists with funding to complete their projects, with the Distinguished Artist Award providing one $50,000 grant annually and the Venture Project Award supplying two $15,000 grants each year. The artists that receive these grants will have their works showcased as part of the Rayner Institute and Foundation Exhibitionsa at the Frye. These initiatives begin in 2014 and run through 2018.

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