Jamen Shively
By planning to invest $100 million in marijuana dispensaries, the former Microsoft exec hopes to launch the first national chain of pot stores. Welcome to Big Ganja.

Willie Nelson
The aging country music star’s Old Farts and Jackass tour rolls into town this August, one week after Seattle Hempfest. You’re slipping, Willie. (Aug 23, Marymoor Park)  

Lindy West 
The local jezebel.com writer caused a stir recently by speaking out against rape jokes. Lena Dunham backed her; Roseanne Barr attacked her. We salute her. 

Laura D’Asaro, Luke Greenway
The Seattle natives— a recent grad and a college student—were the architects of the world record–setting, 2,13-1-book domino chain at Seattle Public Library. Imagine what they could do with beer cans. 

Ryan Reiter
The man behind Fremont Outdoor Movies, Mobile Food Rodeo, and August’s Seattle Street Food Festival is the son of Fremont Sunday Market cofounder Jon Hegeman. Their house rules the Game of Scones. (Aug 10)

Megan Rapinoe
Could the star midfielder help the Seattle Reign FC go from worst to first? We only need her to score or assist on 24 goals. Give or take. (Aug 17, Starfire Stadium)

Published: August 2013

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