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Six months into 2013, Seattle has already produced some sweet tunes. We covered three of our favorite up-and-coming acts in the July magazine feature "The New Sound of Seattle," but why just write about the local music scene when we can let you hear it? To that end, we've created Seattle Met's first mixtape: 12 tracks featuring some of our favorite new music from 2013. Did we mention you can download it for free?

The mixtape opens with a special preview of Shelby Earl's "Swift Arrows"—the opening track from her forthcoming album Swift Arrows, out July 23—and is followed by songs by Pickwick and the Physics ("The Goodbye" was actually released in 2012, but the music video came out this year, so we're allowing it). Album of the Month artists Sean Nelson, Ivan and Alyosha, Vox Mod, Widower, and We Are Loud Whispers all contribute tracks. We've also included a new song from the Moondoggies' upcoming album Adiós I'm a Ghost (due out August 13), as well as tracks by David Bazan's new band Overseas, Curtains for You side project Mikey and Matty, and fun-loving rabblerousers Wimps.

If you like these tunes, follow the links, buy the albums, and support local music. We can't wait to see what the next six months hold.

Click here to download Seattle Met Mixtape: Volume 1.

Track listing:

1. "Swift Arrows" by Shelby Earl from Swift Arrows (Official websiteFacebook, Twitter)

2. "Hacienda Motel" by Pickwick from Can't Talk Medicine (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

3. "The Goodbye" by the Physics from Tomorrow People (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

4. "Life Forms (feat. Irene Barbaric)" by Vox Mod from Syn-Æsthetic (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

5. "Second Son" by Mikey and Matty from Harbor Island (Facebook)

6. "Make Good Choices" by Sean Nelson from Make Good Choices (Facebook, Twitter)

7. "Red Eye" by the Moondoggies from Adiós I'm a Ghost (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

8. "Nap" by Wimps from Repeat (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

9. "Old Love" by Overseas from Overseas (Official website, Facebook)

10. "Be Your Man" by Ivan and Alyosha from All the Times We Had (Official website, Facebook, Twitter)

11. "Western Town" by We Are Loud Whispers from Suchness (Facebook, Twitter)

12. "Oh Catherine, My Catherine" by Widower from Fool Moon (Facebook)

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